The Best Plate Carriers of 2024
In this article and video, we compare the most popular plate carriers currently on the market with empirical data rather than subjective opinion. In Best Plate Carriers of 2024, we review; Shaw Concepts ARC V2, T.REX Arms AC1, Defense Mechanisms MEPC, Agilite K-Zero, Haley Strategic Thorax plate carriers and more.
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Upgrading Surplus and Issued Plate Carriers and Gear
As large military organizations upgrade, equipment like issued plate carriers often gets liquidated as surplus or handed down to Law Enforcement or less equipped allied militaries. Consequently, many users are left with equipment that performs sub-optimally compared to contemporary offerings. This article delves into how older carriers and surplus gear, such as pouches, can be revitalized to meet or even surpass the capabilities of modern gear.
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Technical Plate Carrier Review: LBT 6094 (London Bridge Tactical 6094 Plate Carrier)
While the lack of organic thermoregulation capabilities is where the LBT 6094 starts to show its age, it is an ideal candidate for two of our newest additions to the IceAge Ecosystem: IMS Versa and CATAMARAN. IMS Versa facilitates internal mounting of our ICEPLATE® Curve for conductive thermoregulation plus hydration to the inside of any plate bag with an external MOLLE field. CATAMARAN uses largely the same mounting system to facilitate the use of our ICEVENTS® Classic Plate Carrier Ventilation Pontoons for convective thermoregulation. 
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