Qore Performance® Announces Partnership with French Distributor


STERLING, VA - Qore Performance® has partnered with French distributor, Terräng MP-Sec, in order to facilitate access to their thermoregulation products for customers in Europe. In addition to maintaining close relationships with many French military, police, and customs units, MP-Sec distributes equipment to customers across France, Belgium, Italy, and North Africa.  MP-Sec will make order fulfillment and shipping costs far more efficient for Qore Performance® customers in those areas.

Louis Tidey, Director of Commercial Sales for MP-Sec said “We are very excited to represent Qore Performance® products in France and to introduce these great products to the French MIL/LEO forces. We believe it’s the next stage for soldier hydratation management.” 

MP-Sec will carry many elements of the Qore Performance® IceAge Ecosystem, including IcePlate® Curve and IcePlate® Sleeve Combo, as well as IcePlate® Classic and IceVents®. The IceAge Ecosystem is focused on thermoregulation to enhance human performance in any environment through lightweight, durable, multi-use products that provide multiple modes of heating, cooling, and hydration. The IceAge Ecosystem is compatible with almost every tactical load carriage system on the market today.

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