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The Perfect Hydration Tube: Source and Qore Performance team up on tube collaboration for IcePlate Curve

Tired of inadequate hydration hoses, Qore Performance and Source have joined forces to create a custom version of the Source Tactical Drink Tube, built specifically for IcePlate Curve and IcePlate MOLLE Combo. This custom tube combines Source’s best-in class Helix Bite Valve drink tube with a 90 Degree Hard Elbow Qore Performance created specifically for IcePlate Curve.

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Qore Performance Expanding its Team

Qore Performance is expanding its team with a Marketing Manager.  Tyler Van Horn, an Army Veteran and native of Seattle, Washington, joins our team with a wealth of experience in pushing human performance to the limits in the most hostile environments on earth.

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Qore Performance pushes the limits of water bottle design with newly released IcePlate Curve

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Qore Performance pushes the limits of water bottle design with newly released IcePlate Curve McLean, VA: Qore Performance is at it again, releasing the much anticipated next generation of their popular IcePlate water bottle for sale today. “IcePlate Curve”, as the latest iteration is called, “furthers QPI’s mission to transform human performance, protecting and empowering end-users in the most hostile environments on earth,” according to QPI Co-Founder and CEO, Justin Li. IcePlate Curve maintains the power and storage specifications of the original IcePlate, such as an ultra-thin profile, powerful cooling and warming capabilities, and 50 oz. (1.5 L) water storage capacity. New are several user-driven ergonomic and usability upgrades, incorporating the feedback from tens of thousands of...

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Qore Performance EDC Coin Purse

The purpose of the EDC Coin Purse is to carry currency to go everywhere…places other things can’t go. When we say “everywhere,” we mean everywhere. We’ve flown over 75,000 miles on commercial airlines in the United States to places like California, Illinois, New York, New Jersey and Hawaii. You get the idea.

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Qore Performance Leverages MOLLE to Expand IcePlate’s Use, Creates the Most Durable Hydration System on the Market

In August 2019, Qore Performance released IcePlate Curve, the most innovative water bottle to date. Shaped and curved like a medium ESAPI plate, this wearable hydration reservoir integrates seamlessly into a user’s kit and provides unprecedented cooling and warming capabilities, protecting users from extreme environmental conditions. Its slim profile and multi-curve geometry make it the lightest and most versatile 1.5 L hydration reservoir on the market.

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