IMS, IMS Versa, and IMS Pro are low-profile holsters for ICEPLATE® Curve. Click here to compare the different models.


    So, you’ve decided on an IMS hydration carrier, but which
    one is right for you?

    IMS: IMS is tailored exclusively for externally mounted, rigid cell plate carrier hydration. While it lacks conductive cooling/heating capabilities, it stands out as the slimmest, flattest, and toughest external plate carrier hydration system ever created. It is perfectly suited for users involved in operations requiring frequent boarding and disembarking from vehicles (like mounted patrols) or maneuvering in confined spaces (such as CQB, VBSS, etc.) while in full gear.

    IMS Pro: The IMS Pro capitalizes fully on the robust
    conductive cooling, heating, and hydration benefits of the ICEPLATE® Curve. IMS Pro can be installed either inside or outside your plate carrier and is fully optimized for both ICEPLATE EXO® and ICEPLATE® Curve. IMS Pro is crafted from our ICEPLATE EXO® water-resistant laminate, with full drainage naturally incorporated into its design.

    IMS Versa: IMS VERSA introduces internal ICEPLATE®
    Curve mounting to all MOLLE-equipped plate carriers available on the market. IMS VERSA is specially engineered to internally mount on plate carriers that don't feature internal loop Velcro fields for conductive cooling, heating, and

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    To get the most out of your ICEPLATE® MOLLE Sleeve,
    integrate it with the rest of our IceAge Ecosystem.

    ICEPLATE®: The challenging conditions of the field
    necessitate readiness and laser focus at all times. ICEPLATE® is the world's first ever plate carrier hydration system with cooling and heating technology. The ICEPLATE® Curve, a Medium ESAPI-shaped hard-cell water bottle, provides you with
    unrivaled environmental inoculation capabilities to keep your mind and body in battle-ready condition. 

    ICEPLATE® EXO: Our ICEPLATE EXO® collection, our range of plate carriers and tactical vests, is designed to flawlessly incorporate our IMS line and the ICEPLATE®. Regardless of if you're actively serving, involved in physical training, or merely partaking in a beloved outdoor activity, the synergy of an IMS Pro, an ICEPLATE® Curve, and any vest from our range can offer a unique competitive advantage.

    ICEVENTS®: Plate carriers often fall short in providing adequate ventilation and can, quite frankly, be downright uncomfortable to wear. However, ICEVENTS® address this issue by offering ventilated padding for various components like shoulder straps, chest rigs, belts, holsters, hearing protection, boots, and, of course, your body armor. You can also use these pads for other packs and vests like our IMS Sport and our line of HiVis Safety Vests.


    The ICEPLATE® is a groundbreaking innovation that redefines the concept of hydration, making it particularly beneficial for military and law enforcement personnel, outdoor enthusiasts, and any elite user looking to gain an edge. It goes beyond the scope of an ordinary water pouch by providing the dual benefit of thermal regulation - cooling you in hot conditions and warming you in colder climates. This is a revolutionary advancement for those who have been long seeking a practical cooling solution without burdening themselves with additional weight.

    To leverage the full potential of the ICEPLATE®, simply fill
    it with water and freeze it for cooling purposes or fill it with hot water for heating. This extraordinary blend of hydration and temperature control offers users a strategic advantage, enabling them to exert more and extend their endurance.


    If you've been on duty in extremely hot climates, you're well aware of the discomfort it entails. Sweat can quickly accumulate, and even the most resilient among us can be caught off guard by dehydration. You understand the importance of hydration, but you're also seeking a method to combat the relentless heat. An ICEPLATE® MOLLE Sleeve hydration pack combined with an ICEPLATE® delivers an optimal solution for both cooling and hydration. Since you're already carrying water for hydration purposes, why not utilize it for cooling as well? There truly is no more effective way to derive maximum utility from the weight you're already obligated to carry.


    At Qore Performance, we are committed to producing our
    entire product range within the United States, using materials that are domestically sourced. We invest extensive hours both in the lab and in real-world testing scenarios to ensure that our materials and products don't falter. From our exclusive ICEPLATE® EXO Laminate to the best American-made hardware and authentic Velcro brand hook and loop (military-grade specifications), we insist on choosing materials that are fully 'Made in the USA' and perform precisely as intended. Our line of ICEPLATE® MOLLE Sleeves is made entirely in-house in our Knoxville, TN headquarters.


    It depends! If you bought the IMS Combo, there's no need to purchase separate ICEPLATEs. Every IMS Combo comes equipped with an ICEPLATE® Curve, Source90 Drink Tube, ICEPLATE MOLLE Sleeve, and freezer cap – ensuring you have everything you need right out of the box.

    If you just purchase the IMS you will need to purchase our ICEPLATEs separately. Even when you purchase the combo, we recommend you buy extra ICEPLATEs so you can have one in the IMS and another ready to go, ensuring you stay hydrated over a longer duration.

    On its own, no. IMS is for external, hard cell plate carrier hydration only. However, using our IMS Pro in conjunction with our ICEPLATE EXO® Carrier will allow you to receive cooling and heating benefits in addition to hydration. 

    That being said, if you happen to have a plate carrier with MOLLE attachment capabilities on the INTERIOR then you can use the IMS Pro alone for cooling and heating. If the MOLLE attachment is on the exterior, then it will simply function as the world’s thinnest, flattest, and strongest hard cell hydration solution for plate carriers.

    Maintaining your IMS is straightforward. Start by removing the ICEPLATE® and detaching the drinking tube for separate dishwasher cleaning – we'll delve deeper into this in the following FAQs.

    With the ICEPLATE® and drinking tube removed, our ICEPLATE® MOLLE Sleeves can simply be placed in the washing machine. For extended durability, we advise washing on a cold setting and air-drying in sunlight.

    If you prefer a manual cleaning method, you can also handwash your IMS. Submerge it in a tub filled with warm, soapy water and gently scrub its surface using a soft, non-abrasive sponge. Don't forget to rinse the bite valve thoroughly before your next use.

    Maintaining the cleanliness of your ICEPLATE® water bladder has never been easier since it's dishwasher-friendly. Simply remove the cap and place it in the utensil compartment. Then, position the ICEPLATE® with the cap side facing down on the bottom rack. Proceed with your usual wash and drying cycle.

    Alternatively, you can opt for the traditional hand-washing method. Submerge it in a sink filled with warm, soapy water and gently scrub the outside using a non-abrasive sponge. Don't forget to rinse the bite valve thoroughly before sipping.

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    The drinking tube of your water bladder is dishwasher-friendly too. Feel free to include it when cleaning your ICEPLATE®. If you prefer, you can handwash it similarly to the method described for the ICEPLATE®.

    If you observe any condensation buildup, which can be challenging to eliminate, it's not a major concern for daily use. However, for extended storage, it's advisable to address this. The Platypus Tube Brush is a handy tool for this purpose.

    For a more detailed answer, check out this article. You may also find this video useful.

    Our IMS products are very simple to set up:

    Step 1:  Simply, MOLLE in your IMS to the back of your plate carrier.

    Step 2:  Before you insert your ICEPLATE®, weave your Source90 Drink Tube into the top drink tube routing port and out the bottom drink tube routing port. (If you insert your ICEPLATE® first it will be practically impossible to weave the Source90 Drink Tube through.)

    Step 3:  Insert your ICEPLATE® Curve into the ICEPLATE® compartment and secure your bottom velcro closure.

    Step 4:  Pull on your drink tube to ensure a small amount of slack and subsequently insert it into the ICEPLATE®. When you hear the click, you know you are good to go.

    It is as easy as that! You are now equipped to take on whatever foes or elements may come your way. 

    For more product-specific guides on how to set up your IMS click the video links below:

    How to Set Up IcePlate® MOLLE Sleeve (IMS) MOLLE Plate Carrier Hydration

    How to Set Up IMS Pro (IcePlate® MOLLE Sleeve Pro) Plate Carrier Hydration

    When fully frozen, ICEPLATE® can generally keep you cool for multiple hours and ensure hydration for 8+ hours. 

    However, it's essential to recognize that factors like metabolic efficiency, body type, and extreme environmental conditions can impact the actual duration.

    Yes! We have designed our IMS and IMS Pro so that you can simply apply your Crye MOLLE Zip-On Panel over the top of your IMS. Easy!