IceAge Insights: Military Law Enforcement

Plate Carrier Design and Engineering: Can Armor Plates Be Exposed to The Elements?
Skeletonized plate carriers are particularly popular among high-end, premium offerings. While they are great for weight savings, they expose the armor plates they are carrying. There is some confusion among end-users in this area about whether this is good or bad. In this article, we examine plate carriers that expose armor plates to finally put this question to bed: are exposed armor plates good or bad?
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How do I wear IceVents?
From plate carriers to duty belts and boots, this guide shows all of the ways military, law enforcement, and freedom-loving citizens can enjoy the ventilated magic of IceVents load-bearing pads for hearing protection, plate carriers/body armor, duty belts, and boots.
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Plate Carrier Weight Calculator
Use this plate carrier weight calculator to figure out how much your military or law enforcement plate carrier weighs. The Qore Performance Plate Carrier Weight Calculator is an essential mission planning tool for endurance, metabolic efficiency, and hydration. It includes kit from Blue Force Gear and Shaw Concepts with more brands and products being added all the time.
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