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Go Bags: Why you need one, the gear you should have inside & why Qore Performance belongs in yours

Why You Need One You never know when an emergency situation will arise where you need to be somewhere, ready to get to work, in a moments notice. If you are a teacher, this might mean you need to be ready for an earthquake, wildfire, Active Shooter or a tornado.  If you are in the military, you may be assigned to a QRF.  For LE, it could be an Active Shooter, social unrest or a regional disaster.  As a parent, you’d have the added responsibility of taking care of your kids too.  No matter what your role in life in this great country we call America, there is a possibility you will need a Go Bag and there is a...

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#QoreLore: Qore Goes to WHO

Last month, the World Health Organization (WHO) invited me to their conference on Innovative Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at their headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. WHO had two desired outcomes for the conference: a list of available and short-term PPE technologies to respond to actual needs and a first version of a target product profile (TTP) of PPE for highly infectious diseases. The conference opened with an address from Marie-Paule Kieny, the Assistant Director-General for Health Systems and Innovation at WHO. She emphasized how WHO must guarantee the quality and performance of products distributed, so off-the-shelf solutions are not good enough. Hence need for innovation in the space to help fight Ebola and infectious disease epidemics. Equipment and supplies for treatment...

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