Best Manufacturing Jobs in Knoxville, TN: Manufacturing Technicians (multiple positions available)

Best Manufacturing Jobs in Knoxville, TN: Manufacturing Technicians (multiple positions available)

    Manufacturing Technicians (multiple positions available)


    Are you a hard worker by nature who loves to use your hands and build practical things that solve problems and look good? Do you want your work to impact the world and help people? Do you love working with machines? Are robots fascinating to you? Are you always the person your friends call when something needs fixing, but you wouldn’t mind getting paid for your skills? If this sounds like you and you want a chance for your handiwork to make a positive difference in people’s lives, you are our person. Did we mention you’ll see the fruits of your labor daily in the world and on social media? Pretty cool, right?

    Responsibilities include:

    Production and Assembly

    • Operate various machines/robots to manufacture and finish parts
    • Production and assembly of products using other methods (training provided): sealing, trimming, cutting, welding, adhering, bonding, sewing, printing, machining
    • Assemble/build Showroom, trade show booths, displays
    • Propose tooling/processes for speeding up QC, kitting, assembly
    • Look for ways to speed up and improve processes
    • Diligently address oversights or errors with sustainable, efficient solutions
    • Clearly communicate information with data and clear records
    • Set and enforce high standards for hygiene, tidiness, organization, and excellence


    • Build, assemble, make products on manufacturing line using various methods
    • Ability to execute repetitive tasks with high degree of precision, consistency
    • Finishing and assembling of manufactured products

    Quality Control and Receiving

    • Receive and quality check inventory into warehouse and inventory tracking system.
    • Catalog quantities and keep meticulous records of what arrives and when.
    • Attention to specific detail and excellent record keeping a must.

    Product Processing and Finalization

    • Reconfigure incoming Component Inventory from disparate vendors into sellable SKUs.
    • Kitting, Assembly, Manufacturing of new products
    • Enact and refine quality control standards set by management and Design Team.
    • Refine, refinish, and process products from vendors to meet customer’s and QPI’s elevated standards.
    • Store product in organized, perpetually sellable condition.

    Inventory Management

    • Ensure that inventory is accounted for and easily accessible.
    • Keep constantly accurate inventory counts
    • Take an active role in inventory prepositioning and planning with Sales team
    • Alert management when inventory levels are low
    • Monitor off-site inventory and replenish when inventory is low

    A minimum of three years manufacturing experience is required for this position. Apprenticeships are available if you want to become a Manufacturing Technician, but do not have any experience.

    Big advantage if you have a background in any of the following:
    Military, Law Enforcement, Firefighter (Urban or Wildland), First Responder/EMT, SAR/CSAR, Backpacking/Hiking,  Mountaineering/Climbing, Outdoors, Travel, Food Service, Consumer Electronics, Crossfit, Running/Marathons, Combative's/D-TAC

    Click here to learn more about our recruiting process and working at Qore Performance®!

    Company-wide Requirements

    • All candidates must have the legal ability to work in the United States without sponsorship
    • Ability to clearly communicate in a fast-paced work environment
    • Ability to pass a background check
    • Ability to perform physical tasks required of the job

    Work location: Qore Performance® Headquarters in Knoxville, TN MSA




    • Qore Performance

      Hi Dustin,
      Thank you for your note and your support. We agree! That is why we’ll be announcing our permanent relocation to a free state very soon. Stay tuned to our Instagram and LaunchPad emails for the announcement. We hope you’ll consider applying once you see the new location.

    • Dustin

      Love your products, would absolutely love to have a hand in making them, steeling is beautiful just too close to DC For my liking. Good luck and hope you guys find the talent you deserv!

    • Tucker Leibee

      I really believe in this company and would love to possibly relocate and work for it. I am working on obtaining my Certified Safety Professional certification as well as my bachelors degree online in organizational leadership. Do you have any type of safety positions open?

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