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How to Sew Adhesive Loop Strips onto your Plate Carrier to install IceVents Body Armor Ventilation Pontoons

Sewing the adhesive loop strips included with IceVents Body Armor Ventilation Pontoons is super easy. First, place the adhesive loop strips toward the edge of the inside panel of you plate carrier so that when IceVents are installed, the edge of the IceVents are at the edge of the plate carrier to allow air to flow through the IceVents. The lines in the picture below indicate the sewing lines: Here is an image showing where the stitch lines would be with the IceVents installed. Stitch the adhesive loop strips only. Do not stitch the IceVents themselves. The image below is for demonstration/reference purposes only.  

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Do IceVents Work with my Plate Carrier? The IceVents Plate Carrier Compatibility Guide

IceVents are the lightest, most advanced shoulder pad for plate carriers and packs ever made. IceVents Plate Carrier/Pack Shoulder Pads will fit any pack, ruck or plate carrier thanks to their unique and proprietary modular slit design.

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Body Armor and Plate Carrier Ventilation Comparison: IceVents, MaxxDri, TacVent, ArmorVent, SKD PIG Pontoons

An insightful comparison of body armor ventilation products for soft body armor, hard body armor, concealable body armor, plate carriers, low-visibility plate carriers, low visibility soft body armor and rifle plate body armor. We compare and contrast the features and benefits of IceVents Conductive Body Armor Ventilation, 221B MaxxDri, Armor Vent, Tac Vent and SKD Pontoons.

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Year-Round Body Armor Ventilation: how to stay dry under your body armor

IceVents set the new standard in high performance plate carrier shoulder pad technology. Now, they are better than ever! IceVents 2 are identical to the original IceVents, but they have an additional set of slits to facilitate use as stand-off ventilation/padding for plate carriers. IceVents 2 are the most advanced Universal Plate Carrier and Pack/Ruck shoulder pad ever created!

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