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Here Are The 5 Best Bonus Options For Ending The Hot Misery of Body Armor

An insightful comparison of all the body armor ventilation products on the market today for soft body armor, hard body armor, concealable body armor, plate carriers, low-visibility plate carriers, low visibility soft body armor and rifle plate body armor. We compare and contrast the features and benefits of IceVents Conductive Body Armor Ventilation, 221B MaxxDri, Armor Vent, Tac Vent and SKD Pontoons.

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IceVents? Check Out Our Universal Shoulder Pad Compatibility Guide: Plate Carriers, Rucks, and Chest Rigs

IceVents are the lightest, most advanced shoulder pad for plate carriers and packs ever made. IceVents Plate Carrier/Pack Shoulder Pads will fit any pack, ruck or plate carrier thanks to their unique and proprietary modular slit design.

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