IceAge Insights: Military Law Enforcement

Plate Carrier Design and Engineering: Can Armor Plates Be Exposed to The Elements?
Skeletonized plate carriers are particularly popular among high-end, premium offerings. While they are great for weight savings, they expose the armor plates they are carrying. There is confusion in the market about exposed plates being good or bad. In this article, we examine plate carriers that expose armor plates to finally put this question to bed: are exposed armor plates good or bad?
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Plate Carrier Configurations for IcePlate EXO®: Assaulter, Reccee, CBRN/MOPP/HAZMAT, Crossfit/Training/Fitness
IcePlate EXO® is the most versatile, most configurable, and most capable plate carrier ever built. With the ability to organically integrate evaporative and/or conductive cooling, heating, and hydration, IcePlate EXO® is unmatched for everything from maritime direct action to home defense/personal protection to CBRN/MOPP/HAZMAT and fitness competitions like Crossfit or The Tactical Games.
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Hydrophobic Plate Carriers:  Are they worth it?
Hydrophobic maritime plate carriers: are they worth it and should I buy one? This is a water saturation experiment pitting the IcePlate EXO by Qore Performance against the SCARAB LT by Velocity Systems conducted by Gunnar Anderson, a long time Qore Performance customer, but who is in no way employed by or a contractor of Qore Performance.
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