Stackable Geometry

Qore Performance

Have you ever tried to stack bottled water? Without copious amounts of plastic wrap or tape, it’s an exercise in futility. Most bottles are designed to be *manufactured* cheaply and easily: great for big companies, not so great for users. In fact, we calculated that standard cylindrical water bottles use 30% more space than is necessary—which is a really inefficient outcome, especially when you consider the huge amount of fuel needed to transport water from the source to the end user.

The IcePlate’s relatively flat surface make it easier to stack, but to fit well against your body, we made sure to curve it slightly. When we added this curve, we also added small geometric patterns into the IcePlate shell. These locking patterns (small ‘indents’ on the backside and ‘outdents’ on the front side, if you will) ensure that IcePlates stay fixed in place when stacked and they fit together very tightly—meaning now you get most of that wasted transport space back. They also add texture that makes IcePlate much easier to grip when frozen or wet.

For disaster relief efforts, military transport, or any challenge where you need secure transport of more water in less space, IcePlate’s Stackable Geometry has you covered.