Optional Quick Disconnect

Qore Performance

During our beta testing of IcePlate, we found that the drink hose would be tricky, for a couple of reasons. We didn’t want it to leak, and we didn’t want it to come detached if it caught on something. So, after a lot of materials science experiments, we found a way to permanently attach it. Now every IcePlate comes with the drink hose attached to the body of the container.

But there are also times where our users wanted to use some of their cool drink hose attachments they already own, like filters, special insulated hoses, or fancy bite valves. So we made sure to design IcePlate’s drink hose to be compatible with all of these, because while we want to replace your hydration bladder, we know some users have a lot invested in their accessories. To make everything seamless, we offer an optional quick disconnect piece that not only snaps together with these accessories, but also makes IcePlate take up less space in your freezer (as the majority of the drink hose is not put in the freezer any longer). It also enables you to easily switch tubes with your friend, or quickly swap out IcePlates when depleted—many users that opt for the Quick Disconnect simply leave their drink tube woven through their kit, then pop in a frozen IcePlate as they head out. For added benefit, this Quick Disconnect is valved, so when you do disconnect the drink hose IcePlate will not leak out, but when you attach the hose the water flows freely again.

We’re always trying to find ways to keep things easy, efficient, and modular for you, and the optional Quick Disconnect will do just that.



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