Integrated Strap Loops

Qore Performance

One of the biggest challenges we faced with the first IcePlate concept was how to make it really easy to wear. We initially thought it might fit securely under body armor without attachment, but found during testing that wasn’t going to work given the punishing athleticism of a lot of our users. So we set out to create a better solution that was secure, would work with everyday materials, and would give the MacGyvers in our user base a platform to work with. Basically, start with zipties, paracord, or whatever else you have lying around, and work from there.

We quickly realized that having the strap loops be a part of the IcePlate *itself* would be the most efficient solution. After some concepts involving external loops, we moved them inside the IcePlate footprint, as maintaining the SAPI-shape was critical for our body armor users. We kept them as close to the outer edge as possible while ensuring that they would not break or warp under severe stress (and even towed a truck with IcePlate to test them!) The Integrated Strap loops provide an excellent, secure fit for IcePlate as well as a platform for new and innovative ways of wearing IcePlates to crush temperature extremes. Zipties, standard velcro straps, paracord, our custom comfort harness (designed in conjunction with Chick-Fil-A Scottsdale 101), or make your own contraption - the strap loops are the perfect conduit to easily integrate IcePlate with your kit and with your life.



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