Hands-Free Drinking

Qore Performance

It used to be that canteens or thermoses were how folks carried water (and some folks definitely still do). While nearly indestructible, they are also pretty heavy and don’t fit anywhere. The backpack hydration bladder setup changed that, giving you hands free drinking, but no cooling and a hard to pack around bulge, not to mention the difficult to clean problem that left a lot of users ill. So a lot of Operators we talked to had moved to bottled water, freezing these bottles and stuffing them in the nooks and crannies of their kit. Alas, the cooling isn’t particularly effective, and they couldn’t drink their water without using their hands.

So we designed IcePlate to be the best of all worlds. With the self-sealing bite valve and specially engineered FDA drink tube, you get the hands-free drinkability of the hydration bladder, but in a form factor that provides the durability of the canteen, fantastic thermal comfort, and drains easily to keep your water clean and trusted. Or of course feel free to add on your favorite bite valve or filter, IcePlate is compatible with about everything. With the optional standalone Comfort Harness or lashed to your kit, IcePlate becomes a what we like to call a personal productivity multiplier. Because whether carrying a weapon in combat, working an iPad in the drive-thru, or lifting a heavy equipment in the field, you need your hands to be at the ready to get stuff done, and you need cooling or heating to stay on your game and at your best.



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