Introducing IceShield Hand Warmers for Plate Carriers, Packs and Belts

Introducing IceShield Hand Warmers for Plate Carriers, Packs and Belts


Qore Performance® Introduces IceShield Hand Warmer for Plate Carriers, Packs and Belts

Flat design is the first plate carrier-specific hand warmer that fits behind hanger/dangler/med pouches and also works with gun belts.

McLean, VA: Introducing the IceShield Hand Warmer for plate carriers and gun belts. IceShield is the newest member of the IceAge Ecosystem and was designed in partnership with former Northwestern QB and current Kansas City Chiefs Quarterbacks Coach Mike Kafka.

The IceShield Hand Warmer for plate carriers and gun belts is the result of a unique and exclusive collaboration between Qore Performance® and Mike Kafka. “We knew that professional and D1 quarterbacks have one of the most demanding combinations of requirements when it comes to the need for near perfect dexterity with speed, mobility and warmth without any bulk in cold weather conditions,” said Qore Performance® Co-Founder Justin Li about the collaboration with Mike Kafka on the IceShield. “We felt that if we could hit a requirement combination that demanding, it would prove valuable to our military and law enforcement customers. IceShield also continues our philosophy of collaborating with the highest level specialized users to design function-first, science-based solutions to human thermoregulation and performance problems.”

IceShield can be added to any plate carrier (or the HiVis StayFrosty Vest) with a hook/loop cummerbund/placard interface or inner/outer gun belt setup. Leveraging a proprietary design that rests flat against the body, IceShield takes a unique minimalist design approach that allows it to be worn behind plate carrier hanger/dangler/medical pouches worn in the abdominal region. This is a capability unique to the IceShield Hand Warmer.

Featuring a two-tier insulation system consisting of premium-grade neoprene and POLARTEC Fleece, IceShield delivers incredibly powerful and efficient all-weather warmth and protection in an ultra-light, minimalist package. IceShield is available in licensed Multicam and Multicam Black. Minimalist construction techniques use a precision die-cut weather-resistant sealed zipper access port for Heat Packs mounted just above a Qore Performance® heat transfer logo. IceShield is 100% Made in the USA and has U.S. and International Patents Pending.

IceShield is available exclusively on the Qore Performance® website.

For more information, contact the Qore Performance® Sales Team at or 703.755.0724.

Instagram: @QorePerformance 

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  • Bruce J LaRoche

    How much are the Introducing IceShield Hand Warmers for Plate Carriers, Packs and Belts
    and do you do wholesale pricing?

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