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IcePlate: Better than Steroids (Also Safe. And Legal.)

The water bottle is long overdue for an update.

Current bladders are not designed around the user, they are designed around making your water comfortable. They bulge. They break. They don't drain completely. And they waste the incredible energy potential of water. It's like carrying around a massive battery with no charge.

IcePlate and IcePlate Curve change this. Flat, conformal, incredibly durable, and taking full advantage of the water you carry. Its cooling and heating power is a supercharger for your endurance and performance. It's simply the next generation of hydration.

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What is IcePlate? How does it Work?

IcePlate is a 50-ounce water bottle shaped like a SAPI plate, frozen and worn under body armor. One IcePlate in front. One IcePlate in back.

You wear the IcePlate under body armor to keep yourself cool for two-plus hours. And as your body heat melts the ice it provides cool drinking water.

When it's cold, fill IcePlate with hot water. Your body will absorb the heat and then work with IcePlate to keep you warm and keep your water from freezing.

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