IcePlate. Freeze the Water you carry, no extra weight.

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IcePlate: Better than Steroids (Also Safe. And Legal.)

Two genius biologists at Stanford University made a dramatic discovery. They increased a “gym rat” fellow scientist's ability to do pull-ups from 180 to 620 per set, simply by cooling him. Gives #StayFrosty a whole new meaning!

How? There is an endurance enzyme called MPK. When your body gets too warm MPK shuts your muscles down. Cooling your body reactivates MPK, turbocharging your endurance.

The Stanford biologists use a glove contraption to cool. Not practical in the field. IcePlate is incredibly practical. It is attracting hordes of fans. IcePlate is easy, comfortable and supercharges your endurance. Not from 180 to 620 pull-up reps. But you get the idea.

You become a Superwarrior.

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What is IcePlate? How does it Work?

IcePlate is a 50-ounce water bottle shaped like a SAPI plate, frozen and worn under body armor. One IcePlate in front. One IcePlate in back.

You wear the IcePlate under body armor to keep yourself cool for two-plus hours. And as your body heat melts the ice it provides cool drinking water.

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