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“Clothing manufacturers have identified solutions to help your body maintain its temperature balance. Startup companies such as Qore Performance have even designed wearable solutions that target key areas of the body to cool them. Qore has merged first aid science and apparel, making accessories that offload excess heat produced by your body during activity and extreme temperatures.”

-Thomas M. Kostigen, USA Today

“The well-prepared Ebola fighter in West Africa may soon have some new options: protective gear that zips off like a wet suit, ice-cold underwear to make life inside the sweltering suits more bearable, or lotions that go on like bug spray and kill or repel the lethal virus… A higher-tech alternative is Qore athletic gear, which includes compression sleeves and shorts that press cooling packs to the forearm and groin, where arteries run close to the surface.”

-Donald G. McNeil Jr., The New York Times

“Qore Performance pitched its cooling packs — worn as bicep sleeves, wrist sleeves or shorts — as inserts for PPE suits. The start-up’s “PlasmaQore” technology is designed to control body temperature and absorb heat at pulse points; individual packs are sold online for $20 to $40.”

-Mohana Ravindranath, Washington Post

“Fairfax apparel startup Qore Performance recently caught the attention of the U.S. Agency for International Development for the potential use of its products in protective suits for health care workers fighting Ebola in West Africa, the Washington Post reported Monday.
It’s one of a number of D.C.-area companies that have found business opportunities in response to the Ebola crisis in Africa.”

-Tina Reed, Washington Business Journal

“Regulating your body temperature on the golf course can be a tricky proposition when playing in extreme temperatures… However, there are new products on the market that aim to give golfers the best of both worlds — heating and cooling depending on a player’s needs. Enter Qore Performance and its compression shorts and sleeves that can be worn on the course and regulate body temperature.”

-Jonathan Wall,

“I love it. I absolutely love it. Cooling off on the golf course is something me and my friends have been working on for years… This is all that with a ton of technology behind it. The Qore idea is to find a way to make all sports more comfortable, but it makes the most sense for golf, and I think if you give it a look and a try, you’ll grow to love it, and use it more than you know, especially when the weather is making you waiver on that afternoon tee time you made in early August.”

-Shane Bacon, Golf Editor, Yahoo! Sports Devil Ball Golf

"They basically invented this stuff, the company did, for military personnel out in the desert, or people that have to work in really hot environments. It's like under shorts and an arm sleeve... where you slide in these cold inserts, it's not directly on your skin, but it's this long term/helping you stay cool... it's all the miracle of compression... but you don't get as hot. It's amazing. These things are absolutely awesome."

-Grant & Danny, 106.7 The Fan

“I don’t know about you guys but I’m not the athlete I once was. I get tired at the end of rounds even when I’m riding in a cart which is sort of embarrassing but that’s not the point. The point is that with this product you won’t get as tied as you normally do. You’ll still sweat but you’ll feel more refreshed than normal. And here’s the best part for me: I wear compression shorts when I play anyway, so do a lot of my friends. So why not pay a few more bucks to get the version that’s going to keep you more comfortable as you hack it around the course?”

-Kyle Porter, Golf Writer, CBS Sports Eye on Golf

“Qore’s products — a line of wearable heating and cooling packs — were recently identified by the U.S. Agency for International Development for potential use in new protective suits for health-care workers treating Ebola in West Africa.”

-J.D. Harrison, Washington Post

"This is a really interesting product. It's called Qore Performance. I actually had the chance to test it out here in Texas, in the Texas Heat, in the summer... I tried out the compression short and the sleeves... What that basically does is keep you fresher longer. We played on a pretty humid day, and about midway through I'm starting to feel it a little bit from the heat. Switching these pouches out... Towards the end of the round I started to feel really refreshed."

-John Wall, Sirius XM

“Was it a coincidence that my first runs in the shorts were the fastest I had done since surgery? Maybe, but I don’t think so… These shorts are a game changer for me. I seriously want to wear them every day…even without the packs. The packs themselves don’t cause any chafing and they soften as they melt, so there is no discomfort or restricted motion.”

-The T-Rex Runner, Running Blogger

“It’s a very effective way to cool off, and Qore Performance has made the act as convenient as possible. Their compression shorts come with mesh panels that hold two specially designed cold packs that rest along your femoral arteries and cool off the blood as it moves through the body… I’ve been wearing them all summer and now can’t imagine running without them.”

-Danielle Hasting, Women’s Running

“Another nominee is Qore Performance, a Virginia startup that produces wearable cooling packs for athletes. By repurposing their technology to fit protective suits, frontline health care workers can provide better care.”

-Dr. Rajiv Shah, USAID

“A Northern Virginia startup is trying to solve one piece of the Ebola puzzle: How to keep health workers in protective gear from collapsing from heat exhaustion. The co-founders of Qore Performance had one of those "Why didn't I think of that?" ideas. They've built a base layers of shorts and sleeves and wristbands that put cooling – or heating -- packs right on your arteries...”

-Bruce Leshan, WUSA9

“Out of more than 1500 idea from all over the world, Qore Performance, based in Fairfax, Virginia, was selected as one of the award nominees of the Fighting Ebola Grand Challenge... Their idea started as a product geared towards Law Enforcement Officers or Athletes to help regulate a person's body temperature through the clothes they wear.”

-Diane Cho, ABC7