Frequently Asked Questions about the Chick-fil-A IcePlate

What is IcePlate?

IcePlate is the world’s first wearable, freezable water bottle designed to cool you down and hydrate you.

What is your Warranty Policy?

The IcePlate Warranty is simple: if IcePlate breaks under normal use and in original configuration (not modified in any way), we replace it. The hose is permanently attached to the IcePlate and as such, modification of any kind and/or any attempt to remove, modify or tamper with the hose and/or hose/IcePlate interface will void the warranty. Handling IcePlate by the hose while frozen is strongly discouraged. 

Does the IcePlate condensate?

Yes, by design, condensation from the IcePlate adds cool water to the outside layer of your shirt where it can evaporate easily, removing significant heat in the process to help you #StayFrosty and dry. Many users have reported being totally dry at the end of a shift.

How do I use IcePlate?

Simply Fill IcePlate with 50 oz of water (about 90% full), lay it flat in your freezer overnight, attach it to your backpack straps, then wear it like a backpack for the most powerful cooling solution on the market.

Can I drink the water in my IcePlate?

Yes! IcePlate comes with an convenient drinking tube and Bite Valve that allows you to easily drink the ice cold water as it melts. Be sure to rinse out IcePlate before first use.

How do I clean my IcePlate?

IcePlate is fully dishwasher safe! We recommend cleaning before first use. Be sure to remove the cap. The low point drain also ensures that you can fully rinse and empty IcePlate whenever a dishwasher isn't handy.

How much does the IcePlate weigh?

Empty, the IcePlate weighs well under a pound at only 12 ounces per plate.

How much water does the IcePlate hold?

IcePlate can hold about 50 ounces of water per plate, which is about 1.5 liters. Plus with the cooling benefit, you won't need nearly as much water to keep hydrated. Fill with warm water in the colder months to keep warm!

How do I freeze it?

Since water expands as it freezes, we recommend you fill the IcePlate about 90% full with water, lie flat in a standard freezer, and leave it to charge for 4-6 hours (overnight works best).

How durable is it?

We have tested out our IcePlates in all kinds of crazy situations and they stay strong. Check out our YouTube Channel to see how we tested them -- from dropping a frozen IcePlate off five story buildings to shooting it behind soft body armor. #CantBreakThePlate

How do I wear it?

Hook the backpack straps into the IcePlate strap loops and simply wear IcePlate like a backpack. The Comfort Harness also includes a loop for holding your drink hose securely. Buy Now Back to Main