Samples and Seconds - True ‘Bang for Your Buck’

Samples and Seconds - True ‘Bang for Your Buck’

Here at Qore Performance, we have a different philosophy on sales and promotions, but we still provide high-end value on next generation equipment to our customers with a low barrier to entry via our Samples & Seconds products.

What is a ‘Factory Second’? All Factory Seconds product is still functional and safe, but simply fails to meet aesthetic Quality Control standards because of a minor blemish. A minor blemish or imperfection is visual in nature only. No impact on performance or functionality.

Qore Performance's cooling, ventilation, and hydration technologies have revolutionized the way warfighters, athletes, and prepared citizens perform, but not everyone has had the opportunity to experience their benefits. With our Factory Second offerings, those indifferent to cosmetic faults can now harness all of the thermoregulation capability enhancement of products such as the IMS Pro and ICEPLATE EXO®-XFT at a price point that can’t be passed up. If you’ve never experienced a frozen ICEPLATE® under your body armor, utilizing a factory second IMS Pro is the perfect way to get clued in at a very accessible cost.

In addition to the price incentive
, our Samples & Seconds offer unique Qore Performance products from R&D that haven’t been made widely available. Take the ICEPLATE® Backpack for example, a product still currently in development that won’t see production until we complete construction on our brand-new HQ2. Those who pay attention to the Samples & Seconds page will be amongst a select few who can own one-off prototype items as well as colorways that may never be produced again, such as the Multicam ICEPLATE EXO®-XFT.

Something to note on the Seconds is that generally, our users can't even tell what failed QC in the first place. Check out this review from customer Dean L. on the IMS Pro Seconds:

"Great deal on a seconds that looks like a first

Couldn't even tell what made this a seconds but it fits nicely between my K19 and AMAP pack. Install was a breeze with the one wrap."

Factory Samples and Seconds are limited in quantity and are not always available. Once they are gone, they are gone forever. To be among the first to know about new Samples and Seconds and all upcoming product releases and restocks, customers are encouraged to sign up for our LaunchPad email list.

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