INSIGHTS: Safety + Devices

How to Stay Cool Working in the Heat
Heat-related injuries – heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke – can happen to anyone. As a full-time paramedic, I have personally treated a number of heat-related injuries, and they can be nasty. These injuries can occur anytime the body...
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Class 1 vs Class 2 vs Class 3 Safety Vests
For anyone operating in a dangerous or high-traffic environment, from toll booth operators to construction workers, railway workers, and emergency responders, safety is a crucial priority. One critical element of personal safety and visibility on the job is wearing safety...
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Tonight, on NBC4 Washington - Origin Story: ICEPLATE®, Science & More
In case you missed it, Qore Performance Co-Founder and CEO Justin Li sits down with Susan Hogan of NBC4 Washington at Chick-fil-A Johns Hopkins Road in Laurel, MD to share how our ICEVEST line of hivis safety vests with integrated cooling/heating/hydration are turbocharging American business in an era of rising temperatures and the tightest labor market in a generation.
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