Stay Warm in Winter: Filling IcePlate® Curve with Hot Water

Stay Warm in Winter: Filling IcePlate® Curve with Hot Water
It is quick and easy to fill IcePlate® with warm and/or hot water during the winter months to keep you comfortable. This is the IcePlate® "winter mode" and leverages thermal conductivity to keep you comfortable and safe in even the coldest conditions.
Each user will have a different sensitivity to heat. On your first usage we recommend that you fill the IcePlate® halfway with hot water from the coffee machine and the remainder of the way with warm water from the sink so you can find the temperature that works best for you (comfort, time, drinkability, etc.).
To fill, unzip and remove the cap from the front sleeve. Insert the funnel into the front IcePlate® and place your hand in the middle of the sleeve. When filling the IcePlate® with hot water, always keep the IcePlate® inside the safety sleeve and your hand on the outside of the sleeve. When you feel the hot water at the base of your hand, stop. You've filled the IcePlate® halfway with hot water.
Finish filling the IcePlate® with warm water from the sink. When you feel the warm water reach the corner of the IcePlate®, stop filling. Move the faucet out of the way to avoid wetting the outside of the vest (this water will freeze and could turn to ice when working outside).
For maximum warming power (usually best for Military, Law Enforcement and Fire/EMS users or users who will be wearing IcePlate® in a vest or sleeve on the outside of their shell/outer layer), fill the IcePlate® with hot water from the coffee machine only.  Move your hand to the top corner of the IcePlate® while filling. Once you can feel the warmth of the water you are done. Simply remove the funnel, reinstall the cap, and move on to the second IcePlate® (if applicable). Experiment with combinations of hot and warm water until you reach desired temperature for your body and your application.
Important note: do not place IcePlate® Classic or IcePlate Curve® in the microwave.
To find out how the IceVest HiVis Safety Vest can help your team be safer and more productive in cold and hot temperatures, please email us with your full contact information and a Qore Performance® Enterprise Specialist will contact you promptly!

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