Construction Safety Vests With Cooling / Heating / Hydration

"The competitor to be feared is one who never bothers about you at all, but goes on making his own business better all the time.”

- Henry Ford

When working in construction, staying hydrated and comfortable is paramount. That's why we've engineered hydration systems specifically tailored to the demands of your work. With a focus on innovative technology, we've developed gear that's not only lightweight but also highly adaptable. Beyond hydration, we understand the importance of a good fit. Our products come with adjustable torso and shoulder straps, ensuring a snug and customized fit for various body types, so you can work efficiently and comfortably throughout the day.

Why Every Construction Worker Needs Our Hydration Safety Vests

In the heart of a bustling construction site, potential injury from dehydration or struck-by hazards is a constant concern of managers. With the challenges of long hours, exposure to the elements, and the demands of construction equipment, every construction worker needs a reliable safety solution. Our ICEPLATE EXO® SLK HiVis Multi-Use Safety Vest and ICEVEST® HiVis Safety Vest Class 2 are the answer.

These aren't your typical reflective safety vests. Designed specifically for on-the-job use, these vests come with ANSI class reflective strips, ensuring maximum visibility.

The user-friendly drinking tube and bite valve, combined with the vest's breathable mesh, ensure a steady water flow, promoting consistent hydration throughout your workday. The silver reflective tape and reflective stripe on these vests not only meet but exceed the American National Standards Institute's requirements for high visibility safety apparel.

Moreover, the innovative design of these vests aids in regulating your body temperature, crucial when working in varying conditions. The polyester mesh ensures breathability, while the adjustable straps provide a comfortable fit.

For those in the construction industry, our vests are more than just safety gear; they're a lifeline. With various styles and different classes available, there's a vest for every work environment. Don't compromise on safety; choose the best in safety vests for your team.

ICEPLATE EXO®-SLK HiVis Multi-Use Safety Vest with Cooling/Heating/Hydration

We understand that there are a number of safety vests on the market. You may be wondering, why you should choose the ICEPLATE EXO® SLK HiVis Multi-Use Safety Vest. Some key features set this safety vest apart.

  • ICEPLATE EXO®-SLK HiVis offers both cooling (140 watts) and heating (104 watts) capabilities, ensuring optimal comfort in diverse conditions.
  • Specifically crafted for safety, the HiVis feature ensures maximum visibility in various environments, from flight lines to outdoor adventures.
  • Equipped with organic SwiftClip compatibility, it allows for easy attachment of the matching HiVis MOLLE Placard to carry essential equipment.
  • A large Velcro Loop field facilitates effortless branding or job identification, making it adaptable for different professional needs.
  • Its ultralight design ensures comfort for all-day wear, making it ideal for job sites.
  • Provides a generous 100 fluid ounces of hydration, designed for everyday peacetime use, setting the standard for human thermoregulation and hydration tools.

ICEVEST HiVis Cooling / Heating / Hydration Safety Vest Class 2 (Type R)

The other safety vest solution we offer is our ICEVEST HiVis Safety Vest Class 2. This safety vest looks closer to a standard safety vest, but do not let this product's inconspicuous design fool you. Here are some of the features this safety vest provides that you can’t find anywhere else.

  • The only safety vest on the market that offers integrated hydration, allowing users to drink water from their ICEPLATE® Curves as the ice melts.
  • Packs the conductive cooling/heating power of the ICEPLATE® Curve, making it suitable for year-round use in different weather conditions.
  • With nearly 5,000,000 man-hours worked without a heat injury since its 2017 launch, our Class 2 Safety Vests are a trusted tool for workers nationwide.
  • Crafted from a lightweight structural mesh, it offers breathability, making it an all-climate Class 2 high visibility safety vest solution.
  • Available in various configurations, including "Cooling/Warming Only" and "Vest Only" packages, allowing users to add ICEPLATE® Curves based on their work climate and budget.


Great for Outdoor Recreational and Work Sites

Been using this product for over a month and living and working outdoors in 110+ degree weather I can take comfort in knowing my core temperature is still in the green and as the ice melts I am able to have chilled water while on breaks. This product has made my work environment more tolerable and is an invaluable item for your safety in high heat environments.

It works

My first ice plate product. I used it to go to outdoor events and also washing my car at night when it is hot outside in the summer. I did get another Helix bite valve instead of the Storm valve that it came with. I also got a hydration tube magnetic clip also from Source Tactical. I did have to take a few tries to figure out where to put the chest strap height wise as I do have muscular pecs and needed a compromise of where the strap isn’t choking my neck , but it’s not squeezing the shoulder straps on my man boobs. It’s a strange feeling because ice plate and bag doesn’t feel Cold to the body, but I know I am not sweating in the heat. So somehow it is working. Only thing is if they also can sell the chest straps separately as an accessory because I think unclipping and clipping them over time might break the clips eventually. I also got it with the classic ventilation pontoons, I didn’t think it felt all that comfortable with it (felt rough) even when wearing a shirt on the body. I’ll save the pontoons for when I get the plate carrier

Perfect Solution for General Aviation

Flying small planes in the summer is essentially voluntarily strapping yourself into a fast moving oven with the added benefit of the sun beating down on you. A/C is usually too heavy or expensive for most small planes and alternatives are very few. The IMS sport is the perfect low profile cooling solution. Even with 98° +80% FL humidity the Ice Plate keeps you comfortable. The contour of the plate makes it comfortable to wear even on long flight and gives me more water than I can reasonably carry in a water bottle. Even in my unusual use case it works perfectly.

IMS Sport combo

Absolutely a mission/performance enhancer. This allows you to rev higher in hot weather and stay cooler without red lining and cooking your core temp.

How Does ICEPLATE® Work?

Powered by our groundbreaking ICEPLATE® technology, these construction safety vests serve a dual purpose. Beyond keeping our dedicated construction crews hydrated, they play a pivotal role in regulating body temperature. Whether you are faced with scorching afternoons or cold mornings, simply fill the bladder with water and freeze it for cooling or fill it with hot water for heating. Designed to rest snugly against the torso, it optimizes the core temperature, significantly reducing potential injury risks on the construction site.

Crafted meticulously from a combination of high-tech composite laminates, nylon, and lightweight structural mesh, our vests promote breathability, making them an ideal choice for year-round use. The reflective material used is in line with the highest standards set by the American National Standards Institute, ensuring that safety is never compromised.

For those construction workers braving colder conditions, our TCCC Shorts and Sleeves are a game changer. Specifically designed to provide targeted warmth by focusing on critical veins and arteries, they guarantee comfort and safety even in the most challenging weather conditions. Whether you're a solo construction worker, part of an extensive construction crew, or overseeing a vast construction site, our range of safety apparel and gear is crafted with your safety and comfort in mind.

Staying Hydrated While Working Construction

In the demanding environment of a construction site, the well-being of every construction worker is paramount. With the racket of construction equipment and the hustle of a construction crew, one element often overlooked is hydration. Yet, staying hydrated is critical, not just for health but also for ensuring optimal performance and safety. This is where our ICEPLATE® technology comes into play, revolutionizing the way construction workers approach hydration.

The unique design of our ICEPLATE® technology goes beyond merely serving as a hydration tool. It's a testament to our commitment to construction safety, ensuring that workers remain at their peak even under the scorching sun or during cold mornings. The reflective vests equipped with ICEPLATE® go beyond the minimum requirements of ANSI class 2 for extra visibility to also offer multi-functionality. The capability to regulate temperature combined with hydration ensures that potential injury risks, especially those related to heat, are significantly minimized.

In an industry where every moment counts and safety is a primary concern, our ICEPLATE® technology is the future of occupational safety. It represents our vision of a safer, more efficient work environment, where every construction worker is equipped with the best tools to face the challenges of the day.



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