Hydration Packs and Accessories for MTB and Dirt Biking

“Quickness is the essence of the war.” - Sun Tzu

Master the track with our range of outdoor temperature control and hydration solutions.

Our mountain biking and dirt biking gear empowers you to conquer challenging terrains, withstand the most severe trail conditions, and reach new heights. Now, you have capability to manage your body temperature while maintaining hydration without adding unnecessary weight to your gear. This gives you a unique edge over the competition.


Experience IMS Sport - your ideal companion for mountain
biking (MTB) and dirt biking. This slim, lightweight, and comfortable dirt biking and MTB hydration pack is built to keep you hydrated while also regulating your body temperature for optimal performance.

Constructed from our unique ICEPLATE® EXO laminate, the same material we use on our plate carriers, the IMS Sport is robust yet light, offering an excellent strength to weight ratio. Its hydrophobic nature means it won't become waterlogged, making it a perfect choice for unpredictable outdoor conditions. 

ICEPLATE® EXO-SLK is the ultimate cooling/heating/hydration
vest for civilian users looking to gain an edge. This utility bridges the gap between our outgoing ICEVEST® and the top-of-the-line ICEPLATE® EXO. With a capacity of 1.5L, it provides more water than a standard water bottle while maintaining a sleek profile. This isn’t just about hydration, but performance enhancement​ as well.

Hydration Packs, Water Bladders, Ventilated Padding,& More

Whether you're tearing up dirt trails or taking a leisurely
mountain bike ride, we're committed to elevating your performance. We've taken the standard water bladder and transformed it into a multifunctional hydration and temperature regulation solution. Our products, all made in the USA from USA sourced materials, are designed to make your outdoor adventures more enjoyable.

ICEPLATE® provides superior hydration solutions compared to standard water bladders. Further, ICEVENTS® offer additional padding and ventilation for your gear. For cold-weather riders, our TCCC Shorts provide an extra layer of heat targeted at key veins and arteries.


Great for Outdoor Recreational and Work Sites

Been using this product for over a month and living and working outdoors in 110+ degree weather I can take comfort in knowing my core temperature is still in the green and as the ice melts I am able to have chilled water while on breaks. This product has made my work environment more tolerable and is an invaluable item for your safety in high heat environments.

It works

My first ice plate product. I used it to go to outdoor events and also washing my car at night when it is hot outside in the summer. I did get another Helix bite valve instead of the Storm valve that it came with. I also got a hydration tube magnetic clip also from Source Tactical. I did have to take a few tries to figure out where to put the chest strap height wise as I do have muscular pecs and needed a compromise of where the strap isn’t choking my neck , but it’s not squeezing the shoulder straps on my man boobs. It’s a strange feeling because ice plate and bag doesn’t feel Cold to the body, but I know I am not sweating in the heat. So somehow it is working. Only thing is if they also can sell the chest straps separately as an accessory because I think unclipping and clipping them over time might break the clips eventually. I also got it with the classic ventilation pontoons, I didn’t think it felt all that comfortable with it (felt rough) even when wearing a shirt on the body. I’ll save the pontoons for when I get the plate carrier

Perfect Solution for General Aviation

Flying small planes in the summer is essentially voluntarily strapping yourself into a fast moving oven with the added benefit of the sun beating down on you. A/C is usually too heavy or expensive for most small planes and alternatives are very few. The IMS sport is the perfect low profile cooling solution. Even with 98° +80% FL humidity the Ice Plate keeps you comfortable. The contour of the plate makes it comfortable to wear even on long flight and gives me more water than I can reasonably carry in a water bottle. Even in my unusual use case it works perfectly.

IMS Sport combo

Absolutely a mission/performance enhancer. This allows you to rev higher in hot weather and stay cooler without red lining and cooking your core temp.

How Does ICEPLATE® Work?

The ICEPLATE® Curve is a groundbreaking technology that
enhances hydration for mountain bikers and dirt bikers. When biking, you're likely already carrying a water pouch or water bottle. Why not have that hydration carrier also cool you down in hot weather or warm you up when it’s chilly? Not to mention, a hydration pack provides much easier access to water than your standard water bottle.

To harness the full potential of the ICEPLATE®, fill and
freeze it for cooling or fill with hot water for heating. It really is that straightforward. By merging hydration and thermoregulation, we empower our users to push harder for longer. There is absolutely no better way to get more out of the weight you are already carrying.

Staying Hydrated While Mountain Biking or Dirt Biking

Ensuring proper hydration while mountain biking or dirt biking is not just important, it's vital. Your body requires a consistent
intake of water to function optimally, especially during high-intensity activities such as these. Even if sweat isn't visible, your body is continuously losing water which needs to be replenished to avoid dehydration.

Dehydration can creep up unexpectedly and can have serious consequences if not addressed promptly. Signs of dehydration can range from subtle, like a mild headache or dry mouth, to severe such as dizziness or extreme fatigue. In the most extreme cases, dehydration can even lead to heatstroke - a life-threatening condition. 

Our IMS Sport and ICEPLATE® EXO-SLK hydration packs paired
with ICEPLATE®, designed with the adventurous rider in mind, serve as excellent tools in combating dehydration. With these innovative products, you can focus more on the trail ahead and less on your hydration needs.



We design and build novel hydration and thermoregulation technologies that weaponize temperature to enhance performance, work capacity and survivability - creating a decisive advantage for anyone working in challenging environments.

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