Why did we discontinue ICECASE?

Dear Valued Customers,

For all of you who ordered an ICECASE® iPad Cooling/Heating case this year, we can not thank you enough for your patience. After thoughtful consideration and analysis, we have been forced to discontinue the production of our ICECASE® at this time.  

Beginning in January of 2024, our ICECASE® supply chain has seen dramatic price increases coupled with exceedingly long raw material lead times, which has led to a complete disruption in our ability to produce ICECASE®. Those factors, combined with the continual shift of technical specifications and iPad form factors beyond our control, turned ICECASE® into a deeply unprofitable product with lead times we are no longer comfortable asking you to wait on. As business owners/operators yourselves, we hope you understand the situation we are faced with and the disappointment we feel. 

We recognize the crucial role ICECASE® plays in bolstering your business, offering an irreplaceable capability. We value your business and want to reassure you that we are committed to finding a solution that meets your needs. As such, here are the possible solutions to this problem:

First, if you purchased an ICECASE® designed to fit either the Mini5, Mini6 or 9.7" iPad, we are going to cancel your PO in Supply Central or fully refund your purchase today if you procured ICECASE® directly through our website. 

If you purchased ICECASE® designed to fit the 10.2" iPad, we have these two options for you:

  1. We can offer you a full refund (if applicable) or cancel your Supply Central PO right away. Please let us know in the next 24 hours so we can issue your refund immediately. This will process your refund before our office closes for Independence Day.
  2. We can fulfill your existing ICECASE® order without SunShields or Strap Loops. You will still benefit from the IceBloq cooling bloqs and the safety and security of the ICECASE® itself. However, like the adapters, these parts are no longer viable to produce in their current configuration. Current projections have these units being delivered to you in the next 4-8 weeks.

Please let us know how you would like to proceed in the next 24 hours, and we will take care of you immediately. We are sorry that the ICECASE® program has to end this way and for the inconvenience caused you at this crucial time. 

We are in talks with many of our corporate partners to see what support they can provide during this disruptive time. If you find ICECASE® imperative to your business operation, please reach out to them and express your need for this product. Our hope in the future is to build a version of ICECASE® that becomes impervious to supply chain disruptions through permanent molding and fixturing. However, that process will require some level of standardization and scale, given the current conditions. 

Again, we apologize for any disruption this may cause you, and thank you immensely for your patience this year. 

Qore Performance, Inc.

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