How do I become a Brand Ambassador or Social Media Influencer?

How do I become a Brand Ambassador or Social Media Influencer?

We get messages from people who want to be Qore Performance Brand Ambassadors almost everyday. Unfortunately, most people who send these emails have no idea what it takes to be a great Brand Ambassador. Some are just fishing for ways to get "free" product.

But if you happen to be one of the prospects pitching us who can bring real value, you may still not understand the finer points and nuance for which we are looking in a great Brand Ambassador.  So here are some things we look at when evaluating what makes a great Brand Ambassador and how you can become one. Please note: we are only looking for YouTube Brand Ambassadors at this time, but all of the requirements below still apply.

1. Build an Audience and a Following

At the time of this writing, we have roughly 50k Instagram followers and just under 5000 YouTube subs. So, we are obviously not audience-building experts. To expand our reach we prefer to partner with Brand Ambassadors who have meaningful audiences. A large or rapidly growing follower base is a pre-requisite for being an effective Brand Ambassador. Here are the minimum audience metrics required to apply to become a Brand Ambassador for Qore Performance:

YouTube or Blog: 50k Subscribers w/at least 2,000,000 total channel views

2. Prove Value

There is no such thing as "free" in life. The business of social media is no different. You have to provide proof to the company/companies you'd like to represent that you can do good work that is valuable to them. If you don't meet the minimum requirements from #1, don't sweat it. Just buy the product first. You ideally want them to notice you and your efforts *before* you reach out directly. One of the best ways to do this is to buy the product and start posting high quality content that gets traction. If you do this 3-4 times before you pitch the company or companies you'd like to represent, your chances of getting a response and having a productive conversation go up exponentially because you took it upon yourself to reduce some of the risk the company needs to take on you right out of the gate. You've moved the needle a meaningful amount toward the consummation of a deal or at least a test run. You need to have something to offer of value, so if you don't have a large enough following, then you need to start by purchasing the product.

3. Be Professional

Pitches with poor grammar, spelling errors or any mistakes with the brand assets of the company are an instant disqualification. Failure to follow the guidelines in this article are an instant disqualification for Qore Performance. Why should a company trust you with their brand if you can't even spell it correctly when you email or DM them? The answer is they shouldn't and they won't. If you want a company to trust you with their brand, you need to show you are trustworthy, professional and competent. 

4. Show Insight

Part of the role of a Brand Ambassador is to educate consumers in ways that might be more difficult for the company. For example, a Band Ambassador might have figured out a way to modify a product that makes it better for consumers, but that modification might violate the warranty. The company may need the warranty to work this way for a reason (they have to write warranty policies that apply equally to all consumers), but the Brand Ambassador can communicate the utility of this modification in a way that is valuable to the consumers while not putting the company in a difficult or impossible position. 

Find creative ways to contact the company and make your communication memorable. Remember, this is a job interview so act like it!

5. Size Matters, but Engagement is King

Building a huge audience isn't the only thing you need be a great Brand Ambassador. You need an audience that is highly engaged with you and who listens to you. This is the whole point of being an "Influencer" so make sure you are actually influential.

6. Pitch Professionally

Create a professional one-page pitch in PDF and send it in like a real proposal to demonstrate your professionalism and your creative capabilities. Simply sending us an informal email, LiveChat, DM, etc. will not work.

Hopefully these tips help you to build and acquire the tools you need to be a successful Brand Ambassador no matter what industry you choose. Should you find your talents are applicable to Military, Law Enforcement, Fire/EMS, Industrial Safety or Travel/EDC and you meet all of the criteria above, then reach out to us, especially if you are on YouTube!

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