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Purpose Built, Customer-Driven: The Design Evolution of IcePlate

Did you know the first "IcePlate" was nothing more than a coil of plastic tubing? It's true (here's the picture from our first Patent filing to prove it!)   We've come a long way since then, but IcePlate's central attributes have remained constant: it's Thin, Light, and Strong; it Drains, Stacks, and Hangs. Any chance we get to make IcePlate work better, we take it. This sometimes means crunching numbers with engineers, but more often it means paying attention to the ingenuity of you guys, our customers. In fact, every single improvement since the "Coil Flow Liquid Container" (IcePlate's original project name, CFLC above) has been driven by our users. Even the name "IcePlate" itself came from an early customer....

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Product Design Excellence Series: Strider Balance Bike

My dad is my hero. Literally. He was born into a poor West Virginian family in the 1950’s. He spent most of his childhood bed-ridden with what seemed like an incurable case of Scarlet Fever. He used education and faith to rise above his circumstances, becoming the first member of his family to graduate from college. He went on to become a successful physician, paying for his two children to go on to Ivy League colleges. He adds value everywhere he goes. He can fix anything, build anything, and can offer you up to date health advice to top it off. He is not only hard-working, he is happy. He wakes up happy, makes people laugh, and has infinite patience....

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