Technical Plate Carrier Review and Setup: AC1 Plate Carrier from T.REX Arms
The AC1 Minimalist Plate Carrier is a part of T.REX Arms mission statement to Inspire, Educate and Equip serious citizens. Released in late 2020, the AC1 was intended to scale to an individual’s needs from a low profile setup, to an overt (but not full duty, there is a big difference) loadout as required. T.REX Arms has had an undeniable cultural impact in proliferating the concept of a highly trained civilian populace, but how does the AC1 hold up against the many other plate carrier offerings on the market today? Stay tuned to this installment of Qore Performance INSIGHTS to find out.
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The Best Plate Carriers of 2024
In this article and video, we compare the most popular plate carriers currently on the market with empirical data rather than subjective opinion. In Best Plate Carriers of 2024, we review; Shaw Concepts ARC V2, T.REX Arms AC1, Defense Mechanisms MEPC, Agilite K-Zero, Haley Strategic Thorax plate carriers and more.
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