Enhanced Soft Armor Protection

Qore Performance

Soft Body Armor is a fantastic product that saves lives by keeping bullets and projectiles from piercing your skin. However, it typically works by flexing and catching the projectile--meaning that if you’re shot, your body still absorbs a lot of the force from the bullet, leading to cracked ribs or potential blunt force damage to internal organs. On top of that, the same materials science that keeps bullets out typically traps heat in. So, compromises have to be made. Sometimes that may have even involved not wearing your armor on a hotter day--not a decision that you want to make.

Enter IcePlate. When worn behind armor, our patent pending design and strong, flexible thermoplastic is engineered to absorb and spread out the force from impact before it breaks your ribs. Whether filled with ice, water, or even empty, IcePlate nearly eliminates “backface deformation” (or, how much the bullet/other projectile stopped by body armor would still otherwise dent your body). When we first brought IcePlate to market, a lot of folks were concerned about IcePlate actually rendering their armor ineffective, so, as with everything we make, we went out and tested the heck out of it (and posted it on our Youtube page for everyone to see). We shot it, hit it, even stabbed it behind armor. It outperformed even our wildest expectations. To be excessively clear: IcePlate is *not* a replacement for armor, but it does give you a new level of protection, on top of the incredible cooling benefit.

When you wear IcePlate, know that the Enhanced Soft Armor Protection will help keep you safe and sound.