Durable Thermoplastic Shell

Qore Performance

A very common question we get when we talk to potential customers is: what is IcePlate made of? Folks have thought it might be flimsy like soft tupperware (it’s not), that it might shard off or break when impacted (it will not), that it will be hard and uncomfortable against your body (nope), or that it will be dense and heavy (it’s definitely not). So, mystery solved: IcePlate is made of a variant of high density polyethelene. This thermoplastic has some remarkable properties, including a very high strength to weight ratio. Therefore while it’s super light (about 12 oz), you can run over IcePlate with a car, throw it off a building, or even shoot it behind soft armor and it will stay intact and usable. This is also a very slippery plastic, so very little will stick to it, including mold and mildew. Add onto this that it is has some flex to it and, since it’s a thermoplastic, can even be remolded when heated precisely in an oven, and you have a truly perfect material for IcePlate. Plus, it will last a very long time while keeping its form, and it’s recyclable (not that you will ever want to). For unmatched strength in a lightweight package that delivers the right levels of protection, cooling and heating, the Durable HDPE Thermoplastic shell of the IcePlate is the only game in town.



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