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Get Paid Up to $2000 for Amazing Instagram Content!

We are super excited to announce our 2020 #TopNine Content Contest! BLUF: 1. Post amazing content of your kit with Qore Performance innovations. Tag us so we know about your post. 2. We will select content for repost to our feed. Posts that make it into our #TopNine at the end of 2020 will win amazing Gift Codes! Squares 2-9 will each get $125 Gift Codes and Square 1 will win a $1000 Gift Code for a total prize package worth $2000! 3. You can enter as many times as you post and there are no limits on the #TopNine grid at the end of the year. Legal Mumbo Jumbo: Every category of Qore Performance products are eligible: Military, Law...

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The Secret Competitive Advantage for Military, Law Enforcement and Safety Professionals: Thermal Conductivity of IcePlate

Grit and efficiency are my strongest core values.  I was taught from an early age to max out every day, accomplishing as much as possible - learning, working, and effecting positive change.  As a result, my life is extremely scheduled and carefully planned out.  What I eat, when I eat, how I work, when I work, the relationships I engage in, and the activities I spend time on are fairly strategic.  I never want my external environment to affect my ability to get $hit done.  In the winter, this is particularly tricky, as the weather is cold and lot of the boxes I need to check on a day-to-day basis still occur outside - commuting to work, walking the dog,...

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FREE BONUS FEATURE! IcePlates Eliminate Wasted Space In Transporting Water

Among IcePlate’s various redeeming features, space efficiency remains at the top of the list. IcePlates nestle together, eliminating wasted space, and maximizing cube utilization. When water is mission critical and not easily accessible, optimizing the transport of potable water equates to saved time and money for your team. To illustrate this more effectively, we’ll compare the cube utilization of IcePlates to bottled water. For simplicity’s sake, we are going to make several assumptions: We won’t take into account the space lost by the containers themselves (those are considered usable space in our calculations). We will also disregard the space lost immediately surrounding the caps. We are assuming neither the IcePlates nor the bottled water are sub-packaged. Let’s imagine that we...

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Dehydration Degrades Your Performance. Look For These Signs!

Everyone ran track when I was in high school. Ok, maybe not everyone, but at least two hundred awkward teenagers showed up on the first day of practice, eager to either get ready for bathing suit season or to appear sporty on their college admissions application. The first day of practice was not pretty: 20+ kids were lined up at the fence line, vomiting; another sizable group was hiding behind the weight room, avoiding the shouting coaches; then there was the group of criers; at least one kid blacked out. You get the picture. The number of participants dropped by half within the first week, stabilizing at about a quarter of the initial participants a few weeks in. Do you...

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QPI Industrial and Military Catalogs

Remember the days of getting a catalog in the mail? Leafing through the pages endlessly?  We've replicated this experience for our military and industrial customers. E-mail us at with any questions or call us at 703.755.0724.  We are available 7 days per week to answer inquiries and outfit your team.     Download Military Catalog Download Industrial Catalog

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