The Incredible IcePlate

Smart. Simple. Safe.

Fill IcePlate with 50 ounces of water (about 90% full, since water expands when frozen). Freeze IcePlate overnight; it measures 10" by 12" so it will easily fit in any freezer. Wear IcePlate under your body armor for 3-4 hours (70+ watts per plate) of conductive + evaporative cooling and a full shift of hydration. As your body heat melts the ice in the container, you'll have ice-cold water to drink.

No product on the market keeps you this cool and hydrated, helping prevent heat injury and keeping you safe.

50+ oz. Capacity
70+ Watts per Plate
Charges in 6 Hours
12 oz. Empty Weight

Weather the Winter

IcePlate is more than a one-trick pony. Fill it up with warm water or your favorite hot beverage to stay toasty for hours. IcePlate is designed to accept hot liquids up to 250 degrees F, though we suggest you'll be most comfortable filling it around 150 F and rolling from there.

Thin But Curvy

At a mere 1" thin, each IcePlate is up to 50% thinner than traditional hydration bladders. It is also curved to fit tight with your body and minimize your profile.

Built for Battle

The flexible thermopolymer shell is designed to absorb impact and help protect you. Need proof? We went to the range and tested it behind soft armor, with incredible results. While you should never, ever wear IcePlate instead of armor, we guarantee IcePlate won't break when they are worn together.


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