Quick Guide to Resolving Problems with Online Orders, E-Mail Confirmations, Broken Tracking Links, Shipping and How to Get Your Package ASAP

Quick Guide to Resolving Problems with Online Orders, E-Mail Confirmations, Broken Tracking Links, Shipping and How to Get Your Package ASAP
Three of the most common questions/statements we see from customers about their orders are:
"I didn't receive my order, but it shows delivered."
"I didn't receive an order confirmation email."
"The tracking links in my confirmation email don't work."
In this article, we will show you how to quickly resolve each issue.
Q: "I didn't receive my order, but it shows delivered."
A: With online shopping hitting new records every year and more than 80% of the U.S. population shopping online, the fact that we receive any of our orders on time and without any issue is incredible. The U.S. Postal Service handles 500 million parcels every day. More than two billion people shop online around the world every year. With those numbers, present day shipping and logistics is a wonder of the world. It is a modern marvel.
Despite all of the advancements in tracking, logistics, and final mile delivery networks, sometimes we have issues with our deliveries. Here are a few tips to help you track down your missing online order:
1. Give it 24 hours, especially if you selected USPS. Somehow, beyond our understanding, USPS deliveries magically appear after customers contact us. This almost always happens within 24 hours. We have no idea why, but it does.
2. USPS guidance to us is to recommend that you check with your local post office if #1 doesn’t happen for additional assistance.
3. Unfortunately, the data feed you are viewing when clicking on your tracking number in your shipping confirmation email, is the exact same one we see (and just about every other e-commerce store except Amazon) and comes directly from USPS. Here at Qore Performance, we have a special relationship with FedEx that gives us additional capabilities to help you resolve your issue quickly. We don’t have any additional insight or control with USPS. Click here for more details from the Shipping section on our website. Here are some links to additional shipping information and our relationship with FedEx:
If the above options are exhausted without a change in status, then email us with your order number and we can file an insurance claim on your behalf and get a replacement shipment out to you ASAP. We’ll need the info provided to you by your post office for the insurance claim if you selected USPS, so please make sure you save or document whatever they tell you if your package doesn’t turn up at the post office. If you shipped via FedEx, we simply need your order number and a brief account of the checks you performed so FedEx knows those avenues have been pursued. 
Q: "I didn't receive an order confirmation email."
A: Easy. Just check your SPAM folder. It is in there.
Q: "The tracking links in my confirmation email don't work."
A: Also easy. We mostly see this issue at our large enterprise customers where IT sets SPAM filters to pretty aggressive standards. Usually, this disables links from unknown sources (which we always are on your first order). You'll need to contact IT on the SPAM filter settings, but in the meantime, just copy and paste your tracking number into your search engine. 


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    Hi Zach,
    Yes, we are absolutely still open. However, we are moving out of Loudoun County, VA to our new location. Please see the announcement at the top of the website and on our Instagram here:
    We are still responding to all customer emails, DMs, etc., but our response time may be delayed until we complete the move. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

  • Zach

    Hi, I tried to contact you guys a few times but never got a reply, Are you guys still open?

  • Qore Performance

    Hi Jake,
    Sorry about that. We’ll get you squared away ASAP, just email us with your order number: info [at] qore performance [dot] com.

  • Jake Dockter

    I ordered a tccc shirt and received the compression shorts instead.

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    Hi Dexter,
    Thank you for your comment. We ran your email address, but we did not find any orders attached to it. Please email your order number to Info [at] Qore Performance [dot] com and we’ll get you squared away. We’ll also email you a screen shot of the aforementioned search results right now.
    Qore Performance Customer Support Team

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