IMS Pro Combo (plate carrier hydration pack with cooling and heating)
IMS Pro Combo (plate carrier hydration pack with cooling and heating)
IMS Pro Combo (plate carrier hydration pack with cooling and heating)
IMS Pro Combo (plate carrier hydration pack with cooling and heating)
IMS Pro Combo (plate carrier hydration pack with cooling and heating)
IMS Pro Combo (plate carrier hydration pack with cooling and heating)
Plate Carrier Hydration Pack with Cooling and Heating
IMS Pro Combo (plate carrier hydration pack with cooling and heating)
Plate Carrier Hydration Pack with Cooling and Heating
Plate Carrier Hydration Pack with Cooling and Heating
IMS Pro Combo (plate carrier hydration pack with cooling and heating)
IMS Pro Combo (plate carrier hydration pack with cooling and heating)
IMS Pro Combo (plate carrier hydration pack with cooling and heating)
IMS Pro Combo (plate carrier hydration pack with cooling and heating)
IMS Pro Combo (plate carrier hydration pack with cooling and heating)

IMS Pro Combo (plate carrier hydration pack with cooling and heating)


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IMS Pro is 100% manufactured in-house at our Knoxville, TN HQ from US materials

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Plate Carrier hydration and body armor thermoregulation for elite professionals in austere, no-fail environments.

Pairing ICEPLATE® Curve with IMS Pro (ICEPLATE MOLLE Sleeve Pro) is a plate carrier hydration and body armor cooling/heating game changer. Advancing our vision for Building A Superhuman Future, IMS Pro Combo harnesses the full power of the water you carry on duty: freeze for cooling, hot water for heating, all-climate hydration. Worn on the inside or outside of your plate carrier, ICEPLATE® MOLLE Sleeve Pro mounts securely to your plate carrier using any combination of MOLLE and/or Velcro Hook or Loop. ICEPLATE MOLLE Sleeve Pro features laser-cut MOLLE on both faces in addition to Velcro brand hook tape on one face and Velcro brand loop tape on the other face for universal compatibility with any plate carrier MOLLE and/or hook or loop field. ICEPLATE® Curve is a human booster rocket: designed to put you into orbit with a full tank of gas, not necessarily to last the entire mission. Once your ICEPLATE® Curve is exhausted, our "Hydration Magazine" concept makes swapping out for a fully charged ICEPLATE® Curve is as simple as it sounds. 


The Case for a Plate Carrier Hydration Pack

Plate carrier hydration packs are a transformative addition to your tactical gear, whether you're engaged in intensive training, high-stake operations, or outdoor adventures. They introduce a level of convenience and performance that makes them indispensable in scenarios where endurance matters the most.

The main advantage of a MOLLE hydration pack is its enhanced hydration experience. With an easy access drinking tube, the IMS Pro provides much more convenient hydration when compared to your standard water bottle. Further, a hydration bladder is going to hold much more water, meaning you stay hydrated longer.

These tactical hydration packs are designed to integrate seamlessly into your existing gear setup. With their modular design, you can customize the hydration system to suit your specific needs, be it long-distance treks, arduous hikes, or complex tactical operations.

IMS Pro Combo mounted to ICEPLATE EXO Gen 3 plate carrier for body armor cooling, heating and hydration.

Above: IMS Pro Combo is optimized for mounting to ICEPLATE EXO® Gen 3 Ultralight Minimalist plate carrier for body armor cooling, heating and hydration.


Why Choose the IMS Pro Combo?

So, you've decided that a plate carrier hydration pack is the right choice for you, but now you need to decide which one to choose. We might be a bit biased, but the IMS Pro Combo is the ultimate solution.

Versatility: For starters, the IMS Pro is built to fully integrate with ICEPLATE® Curve, the world's most revolutionary water bladder. This means that this is the best hydration carrier to take advantage of the cooling/heating/hydration capabilities of ICEPLATE®. 

The IMS Pro can also hold any Medium ESAPI armor plate for protective versatility.

Superior Design: We designed the IMS Pro to make life easier for you in the field, which is reflected by its features like:

  • Universal 6x4 MOLLE and/or hook and loop Velcro field compatibility
  • Ability to carry water and preserve your MOLLE field with dual face MAPs
  • Ambidextrous design accepts Left Exit or Right Exit ICEPLATE® Curves
  • Conformal design geometry with ICEPLATE® Curve allows you to finally “sit flat” for mounted/vehicle operations

Durability: Made from the same ICEPLATE EXO® laminate we use to craft our plate carriers; the IMS Pro is meant to handle the harshest conditions. In the field, a burst water bladder or ripped hydration pack can be a complete disaster. Worrying about a situation like this takes your mind off the mission at hand, so rest easy knowing you're in good hands with the IMS Pro.



Color Combinations

Each IMS Pro Combo comes in a set color pairing to match your plate carrier. IMS Pro Combos are pre-packaged by our team ahead of time for maximum efficiency (which facilitates package savings), so color combinations cannot be changed. However, an additional ICEPLATE® Curve Standalone in a different color can be added by clicking here.

ICEPLATE® MOLLE Sleeve Pro ICEPLATE® Curve Source 90 Drink Hose
MultiCam Coyote Brown Coyote Brown
Coyote Brown Coyote Brown Coyote Brown
Black Ranger Green
Ranger Green Ranger Green Black


Designed and manufactured in the USA from US materials. Fulfilled from our Knoxville, TN HQ.
For bulk Corporate/Unit/Agency orders of 100+ units or to request a quote, please click here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Nathan Moore (Boise, US)
Lessen Fatigue

I used the iceplate with a esstac plate carrier and a lvl 4 steel plate in the rear bag with a lvl 4 ceramic in the front bag. As well as a magazine placard. I used this set up to do the Murph workout on memorial day. I was a bit skeptical how well it would work. Here to say that I was shocked about how the iceplate lessened my fatigue throughout the workout. In my opinion Qore is making super humans with thermal regulation. I'm in the process to get one of there carriers and plate combos

Mitchell Bauder (Los Angeles, US)

best hydration solution out there

Eden P (Tel Aviv, IL)
Instagram Handle: eden_phil_
Deffective product leaked straight out the box.

I was super excited to receive this product and even more so to get the chance to use it in the field. I set it up on my time off base and then promptly returned to an active warzone.

The hydration pack began leaking straight away. Upon closer inspection, I saw that the lid which attaches the hose did not attach correctly due to the shape of the hydration pack. It was raining and in the middle of winter. The leak was bad enough to cause a major problem (with risk of hypothermia at night in the desert), but minor enough that the water continued dripping for hours. On a mission and without the opportunity to revert back to my old hydration pack, I was left soaked for a full day at least.

Considering the price I payed to have the product shipped to the middle east as well as the duties and such, I couldn't be more disappointed.

Hi Eden,
Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts on your IMS Pro Combo. We are sorry that it has not lived up to your expectations. This is definitely not characteristic of IMS Pro Combo performance. You are covered under our Forever Warranty, so our Customer Support Team will reach out to you shortly to take care of you and get you a proper IMS Pro Combo experience. #StayFrosty

Mr. Ruth (Los Angeles, US)
Great camel back

I took it for a 12 mile ruck for its first spin. Fit snug on my plate carrier and between my ruck with no issues. Was a very easy hydration solution and the added water weight was hardly felt due to its position on my body.

GRAHM (Kamakura, JP)
Instagram Handle: Skidaleedidaleedo
Beyond versatility

This is one of the most exciting things I've added to my plate carrier. I use it whenever I can, wherever I can, which is about every day. The fact that I can be a hydration tool and be a hard shell bladder makes everything even better. This goes beyond versatility when it comes to hydration. I've tried camelbacks and water bottles and all these other things that don't do it or quite as well perform as this. This is one of the most unique and top-of-the-line products for anybody running a plate carrier. You can freeze it, you can heat it, and you can use it as a hydration tool. I've tested it while working in a scorching and humid climate, and it performed well! Freezing it gives you freezing water that stays cold. This has to be one of my favorite products because I don't have to carry around a water bottle.
Either I'm at the range, or I'm training in my weighted vest. This is the way I stay hydrated.
Everything seems to work out pretty well with putting it on my plate carrier and assembling it all. It wasn't that much of a hassle. It just takes a little time, but the quality and the care that Qoreperformance puts into the products is 100%! Recommend to anybody who stands in the armed watches or security detail. One of my favorite features is I have an IMS Pro mounted on the front and the back of my plate carrier, and with my nonfiring hand, I can one-handedly switch from the back to the front hydration Ice plates. This is a very unique and handy design. I haven't had any issues that were very drastic with it. So far, the Ice plates are in place. I just had my ice cap have a little drip drop recently. However, I am still working with the team to see if this is a problem on my end or their end. Anything could happen with any product, so of course, I couldn't be mad because the team responded so quickly, and we're already addressing to figure out the issue of the leak. Besides that minor hiccup, everything has been 100% with this product, and I have two. I would repurchase it!

Giorgio Thamrin (Wahiawa, US)
Ice plate and sleve

Sleeve is great but the only thing I would say needs improve is the ice plate cause when use it for a training I some how got a puncture hole on it causing to leak so maybe seeing a way to find it's durability stronger

Hi Giorgio,
Thank you for taking the time to leave an honest account of your IMS Pro experience. We are sorry to hear you encountered an issue. This is the first time we've ever seen any problems for IMS Pro since launch a few years ago. It is sold by the thousands and is standard equipment for a number of NATO SOF units where it has served without incident in repeated combat deployments since launch. Please email Info [at] Qore Performance [dot] com with photos or a video of the issue you've encountered along with a detailed description of how it happened and what led to it (this will assist us greatly with the diagnosis for you), we'll be sure to get you squared away ASAP! Thank you for your help in advance and again, please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience - we can assure you it is the exception, not the rule.

Rob Ranit (Portland, US)
Innovative Hydration Product

Army Guard Guy here with (14) years and a couple trips to the desert. Not a huge fan of camelbacks or canteens (issued or otherwise) affixed to the body and taking up MOLLE space / adding bulk.

This IMS Pro Combo fits comfortably under an issued IOTV Gen IV. Keeps me cool, easy to use (drink), refill, and doesn’t restrict movement. Very happy with this purchase ahead of a JRTC Rotation.

Jean C. (Bossier City, US)
Instagram Handle: jc_coll96
Great product

The product is great. It fits my medium size plate carrier and doesn’t add unnecessary bulk that compromise mobility. The only reason I give it 4 stars is the following: 1- The ice cap safety shims are not as reliable. As a law enforcement officer, I am constantly getting in and out of my patrol vehicle and this causes the shims to move back releasing the locking system. 2-The cold plate sweats too much and my uniform/gear end up soaked. Not a big deal considering the benefits of the product. I am very happy with it and totally recommend it to everyone!

William Faulkner
Instagram Handle: Fookie_
Tennessee Weather approved

I do security and bounty hunting, I wear this inside of my plate carrier and it fits great and keeps me cool for many hours while im directly in the sun, and allows me to keep more of a low profile with its slim shape.

Jake Maggs (Kansas City, US)
Great hydro

Bladder is great and stays cold. Hose is a little finicky to get the water out sometimes.