“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”
    - Henry Ford

    ICEPLATE® CURVE is the world's first booster rocket for the human body. Conformal, durable, and efficient, ICEPLATE® CURVE uses the drinking water you carry to cool or heat your body.

    Legacy bladders bulge, break, don't drain completely, and they waste the incredible energy potential and impact protection of water. Lugging one around is like carrying around a massive battery with no charge.

    ICEPLATE® CURVE is Building A Superhuman Future.

    How do I wear ICEPLATE®?


    ICEPLATE® vs. Other Hydration Bladders: Cooling

    From our inception, we have strived to improve human performance in the harshest conditions. A dilemma that has plagued military personnel for years is how to effectively regulate internal body temperatures in the extreme heat that often comes with a mission. Soldiers have tried any and everything to cool off in the field, from stuffing their plate carriers with water bottles to wrapping their body with a wet sheet. Obviously, these are not sustainable solutions.

    Enter the ICEPLATE®, a revolutionary hard-cell water bottle that not only provides hydration, but 70 watts of cooling power as well. For our elite users looking to gain a competitive edge, ICEPLATE® technology is an absolute gamechanger. You now have a multi-purpose cooling and hydration solution without having to add unnecessary weight to your kit. There is no better way to get more out of what you are already carrying.

    To unlock the cooling power of the ICEPLATE®, simply fill it with water and freeze it overnight. As the ice melts, you are able to drink the ice-cold water for hydration. If you are looking to gain a performance edge, the environmental inoculation capabilities of the ICEPLATE® will take you from standard to Superhuman. Anyone looking to settle for "good enough" should look elsewhere.

    ICEPLATE® vs Other Hydration Bladders: Heating

    The ICEPLATE® isn’t just for cooling. For those operating in the harshest environments, an ICEPLATE® can provide 52 watts of heating power to create a competitive advantage where none previously existed.

    When in the extreme cold, one might be hesitant to drink cold water for fear it might make them colder in turn. This is no longer an issue with the ICEPLATE®. To unlock the heating potential of the ICEPLATE®, simply fill it with hot water. Not only will it heat your body, but drinking the hot water will warm you from the inside as

    ICEPLATE® vs Other Hydration Bladders: Durability

    Nothing is more frustrating than having your hydration pouch burst or tear, especially when you are out in the field or away from home. In some circumstances, this can be catastrophic. Having a hard-cell water bottle like the ICEPLATE® will give you the peace of mind that your source of hydration will never burst.

    Further, it is ill-advised to try freezing or adding hot water to a standard hydration bladder as the soft material could easily be damaged or broken. This means you can’t get much cooling or heating, leaving you at a competitive disadvantage. Finally, one of the most convenient attributes of the ICEPLATE® is that it’s dishwasher safe. The soft construction of typical water pouches can be difficult to properly clean and sometimes even require a special cleaning kit. The ICEPLATE® will outlast and outperform any other water bladder available.

    The IceAge EcoSystem

    ICEPLATE EXO®: Our range of plate carriers and tactical vests, the ICEPLATE EXO® line perfectly integrates with the ICEPLATE®. Whether you are on active duty, training your body, or simply doing an outdoor activity you love, the combination of an ICEPLATE® Curve with one of our vests will give you an edge over the combination.

    ICEVEST®: Similar to our ICEPLATE EXO®, our line of safety and utility vests are the perfect way to improve the performance of your employees. Equipping your team with an ICEVESTS®and ICEPLATE® will improve efficiency and productivity by allowing your team members to last longer in the cold or heat. Further, keeping your body cool preserves your mental acuity, which is critical for customer service.

    IMS: The ultimate cooling/heating/hydration solution for your body armor or plate carrier, the IMS and IMS Pro feature universal compatibility with any plate carrier MOLLE and/or hook or loop field. The IMS Sport offers unparalleled environmental inoculation capability for hiking, biking, fishing, skiing, or anything outdoors.

    Who Can Use ICEPLATE®?

    ICEPLATE® is designed for elite users looking to gain an edge when carrying out their duties. The environmental inoculation capabilities of the ICEPLATE® create a distinct performance advantage where none previously existed. This hydration bladder is perfect for the following users:

    • Military: The field can produce some of the harshest conditions you will find, and giving yourself any advantage possible only increases your odds. Plate carriers are simply too hot and uncomfortable on their own, but the ICEPLATE® can provide the cooling power necessary to keep you going. Plus, you don’t have to add any excessive weight to your kit as you were already carrying water in the first place.
    • Law Enforcement: Much like military personnel, our law enforcement officers often wear body armor for a majority of the day. When out in the heat, especially during the summer, dehydration and sometimes even heat stroke can sneak up quickly. The ICEPLATE® provides our police officers with the necessary all-in-one cooling/heating/hydration capabilities previously thought impossible. It is imperative for an officer to be at the top of his game at all times, and the ICEPLATE® can help actuate this.
    • Prepared Citizens: Disaster can strike at any moment, and for those who like to prepare ahead of time, the ICEPLATE® is an invaluable asset. Whether you’re a first responder or a prepared citizen, hydration and temperature control is crucial during adversities like earthquakes, hurricanes, riots, and more.
    • Safety/Drive Thru: Sometimes overlooked, drive thru team members and safety workers are often subject to long hours in the heat or cold. Having to constantly switch out employees due to extreme weather creates a burden on a business and its employees.
      The ICEPLATE® combined with our HiVis Safety Gear empowers your workers to safely weather the heat or cold by providing them with unparalleled control over their environment.
    • Outdoor + SPORT: The ICEPLATE® is the perfect hydration solution for a wide variety of outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, mountain biking, camping, skiing, and much more. Everyone knows how important hydration is when working up a sweat, but keeping your body temperature regulated is also critical. Now, with ICEPLATE®’s environmental inoculation and hydration capabilities, you can tackle both with only one hydration pouch.

    Made in the USA

    At Qore Performance, we are resolute in our decision to manufacture our products in the USA with USA sourced materials. We spend hours upon hours in the lab and on the field testing different materials to find the best possible solutions and provide consistency and reliability in every product.