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Human Cooling Basics: How to Stay Cool in Summer Heat
Human Cooling Basics and the Science of Human Performance Above: ICEPLATE EXO Gen 3 Ultralight Minimalist plate carrier, equipped with IMS Pro and ICEPLATE® for cooling, heating and hydration capability.   We’re going to give you some information about how your body...
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A Guide to How to Hydrate Fast
Hydration is incredibly important to both your short and long-term health. Adequate hydration provides so many benefits they are difficult to list. Hydration helps to lubricate your joints and thins your blood, which eases the load on your heart, improves...
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A Guide to Extreme Hot Weather Clothing for Work
Environmental factors play an outsized role in an individual’s performance at work. Extreme heat has a physiological effect on the body, which in turn, affects the brain. This can lead to slower reaction times, reduced physical output, slower cognition, and...
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