Virginia Technology Jobs: Qore Performance® is looking to hire a UX/UI Digital Experience Designer

Virginia Technology Jobs: Qore Performance® is looking to hire a UX/UI Digital Experience Designer


UX/UI Digital Experience Designer

Are you looking to create disruptive tech and not incremental improvements? Do you intuitively understand how people interface with technology like websites and apps? Do you love anticipating people's needs, creating and deploying solutions to satisfy those needs? Do you crave instant and continuous quantifiable feedback to drive improvement? Do you enjoy competing against yourself in a relentless quest to always get better? Do you seek a life of adventure, creation and service to America? 

UX/UI Digital Experience Designer is a senior position on the Design & Marketing Team reporting to the CEO. The UX/UI Digital Experience Designer is in charge of some of the most important company assets: our e-commerce website and StayFrosty® app. This role is more important than ever as digital properties are our storefront. We’re looking for someone committed to seeing their work realized everyday in pursuit of supporting our customers across all America's finest enterprises, concerned citizens, and Constitutionally-minded Military and Law Enforcement personnel to improve and save lives. If this sounds too good to be true to you, then we want to hear from you.

UX/UI Digital Experience Designer responsibilities:

A. Digital Merchandising: e-Commerce website merchandising, Conversion Rate Optimization, infographic requirements/optimization, photography placement, flow, template layout, sales funnel development, landing pages, campaign development/deployment; app development, maintenance, evolution, optimization. 

B. Digital Media Requirements Input/Generation: data-driven approach to help develop photography and videography requirements in pursuit of Digital Merchandising goals/objectives and StayFrosty® app development.

Required proficiency:

  • Shopify
  • Apple Developer/app development
  • Digital Merchandising
  • E-Commerce data analysis
  • Website analytics (Google Analytics or equivalent)

Great if you have them, but not required:

  • Keyshot or equivalent
  • Videography
  • Motion Graphics
  • Infographics
  • Photography
  • Sales Funnel Development
  • Animations
  • Illustrations
  • PPE, Firearms, Travel gear 

How we will measure success: Conversion Rate, Click Through Rate, Bounce Rate, View Counts, Engagement Rates, Gross Sales, ASP, Net Profit, growth rates, YOY sales, and other digital metrics/analytics

Do you see things on this list that suck? Think you have a better way? We DEFINITELY want to hear from you.

Big advantage if you have a background in any of the following:
Military, Law Enforcement, Firefighter (Urban or Wildland), First Responder/EMT, SAR/CSAR, Backpacking/Hiking, Mountaineering/Climbing, Outdoors, Travel, Food Service, Consumer Electronics, Crossfit, Running/Marathons, Combative's/D-TAC

Click here to learn more about our recruiting process and working at Qore Performance®.


  • All candidates must have the legal ability to work in the USA without sponsorship
  • Ability to clearly communicate in a fast-paced work environment
  • Ability to pass a background check
  • Ability to perform physical tasks required of the job

    Work location: Qore Performance® Headquarters in Sterling, VA

    Please submit a condensed resume and an expression of interest for review. Work location: Sterling, VA. All candidates must have the legal ability to work in the United States without sponsorship.


      2 Kommentare

      • Qore Performance

        Hi Lena,
        We do not offer remote work positions at this time. We have had them in the past, but with sub-optimal outcomes.

      • Lena

        Hi there! My name is Lena Stefani and I’m a UX Designer. I was curious if you guys are open to remote work as in a few weeks I’ll be moving from Chicago to Dallas, TX possibly out of a job given the mandate situation. Hope to hear from you – thank you!

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