The Human Turbocharger: How do I wear IcePlate® Classic or IcePlate® Curve?

The Human Turbocharger: How do I wear IcePlate® Classic or IcePlate® Curve?

IcePlate Curve hard cell hydration with cooling and heating for plate carriers, chest rigs, adventure hydration packs

Originally designed for the US Army in 2016, our IcePlate® line of wearable water bottles that warm you up or cool you down can be found on the backs of hundreds of thousands of professionals in a variety of industries in addition to US and Allied military personnel.

This diverse pool of military, law enforcement and safety professionals has driven us to create an equally diverse ecosystem of Vests and Carriers for IcePlate® Classic and IcePlate® Curve.

This article is about standalone systems to wear/use IcePlate® Classic and IcePlate® Curve, but if you want to know how IcePlate® works with backpacks or armor, check out our articles on IcePlate® Backpack Compatibility and IcePlate® Plate Carrier Compatibility. If you are a travel enthusiast or road warrior, then this article on The Best Carry-On Water Bottle for Travel/Flying might be more helpful. If you wear a hivis safety vest regulated by OSHA, click here to view our HiVis Class 1 and Class 2 Safety Vests with Cooling/Heating/Hydration.

how big is IcePlate Curve?

If you are in a hurry, here is a quick video and infographic showing just SOME of the ways to carry your IcePlate® Curve:

IcePlate® Curve

Front and back IcePlate Curve configurations and methods of wear

back IcePlate Curve configurations and methods of wear

#1. IcePlate EXO®

Best for: Direct Action, Armed Reconnaissance, General Purpose/Infantry, SWAT, Patrol, Maritime/Amphibious, VBSS/OIB, Force on Force Training (sims, airsoft, milsim), Tactical Games, CrossFit/High Intensity Interval Training, Patriot Games, Home Defense/Personal Security, Disaster Response, WROL

Markets: SOF, Military, Law Enforcement, Fire/EMS, Security Contractors, Trained/Prepared Citizens

IcePlate EXO® is the new standard in military and special operations plate carriers. Nearly two years in development, IcePlate EXO® allows the end-user to natively integrate multiple performance-enhancing technologies never before seen in a body armor system: Conductive Cooling, Evaporative Cooling, Conductive Heating, and Hydration. It is the only plate carrier in the world that can actually boost your physiological state/capacity.

IcePlate EXO® can be used with Medium ESAPI hard (like these DFNDR Armor Level III and Level IV options) or soft armor plates and/or with IcePlate® Curve because they share an identical geometric profile. IcePlate EXO® is incredibly versatile and because it is skeletonized, hydrophobic, and ventilated in every direction, it drains and repels water with incredible ease and speed (hence the open bottom corners). It can be used as a chest rig with hydration/cooling/heating IcePlate® Curves worn in place of armor. However, when armor is required, Medium ESAPI hard armor plates can be worn with or without IcePlate® Curve/IMS Pro, depending on your specific mission requirements.

Above: IcePlate EXO® in Coyote Brown with DFNDR Level III hard armor plates front and rear with an IMS Pro Combo internally mounted for conductive cooling/heating/hydration. IMS Pro mounts to IcePlate EXO® internally or externally. 


Above: IcePlate EXO® accepts any combination of IcePlate® Curve and/or Medium ESAPI armor plates like those from DNFDR Armor, making it the only plate carrier in the world with integrated body armor cooling, heating, hydration and ballistic protection.


IcePlate EXO® can also be used to carry two IcePlate® Curves in-lieu of armor for CBRNE/HAZMAT/EOD applications.

#2. IcePlate EXO®-XFT (Functional Fitness)

Best for: Physical Fitness, Murph, High Intensity Interval Training, Functional Fitness, Weight Vest Training

Markets: Crossfit, The Tactical Games, The Patriot Games, and similar 

IcePlate EXO®-XFT isn’t just a weighted training vest. It is your key for Building A Superhuman Future. With the magic of two IcePlate® Curves, IcePlate EXO®-XFT uses conductive cooling (or heating) to power you to the top of the podium. A hardened external IcePlate EXO® chassis shields an incredibly soft internal lining that will protect your skin for miles on even the most arduous runs. Secure, stable, and soft, IcePlate EXO®-XFT isn’t just a class leader, it is in a class all by itself.

chest rig hydration with cooling and heating IcePlate EXO-CRH by Qore Performance

Above: IcePlate EXO®-XFT in Ranger Green worn for CrossFit.

chest rig hydration with cooling and heating IcePlate EXO-CRH by Qore Performance

Above: IcePlate EXO®-XFT in MultiCam. 

#3. IcePlate EXO®-CRH (Chest Rig Hydration)

Best for: Armed Reconnaissance/Recee, Long Range Patrol, Border Patrol/Border Guards, surveillance, etc.

Markets: Military, Law Enforcement, Search And Rescue (SAR), Trained/Prepared Citizens 

IcePlate EXO®-CRH (Chest Rig Hydration) is the most advanced, most capable hydration harness ever developed for chest rigs, using the conductive cooling/heating power of IcePlate® Curve to create competitive advantages where none previously existed in recce applications. Starting with the unbeatable durability and versatility of the IcePlate® Curve hard cell hydration bladder, IcePlate EXO®-CRH uses the rear plate bag of our incredibly powerful IcePlate EXO® ultralight ventilated plate carrier to carry a single IcePlate® Curve on your back. Thanks to our all-new SizzleStick attachment mechanism, IcePlate EXO®-CRH is adjustable for fit to accommodate layers for every climate while also have adjustable stretch to make breathing easy without sacrificing security. IcePlate EXO®-CRH is compatible with any/every chest rig on the market today that uses one inch side release buckles (think Velocity Systems, Mayflower Research, Haley Strategic Partners, Spiritus Systems. 

chest rig hydration with cooling and heating IcePlate EXO-CRH by Qore Performance

Above: IcePlate EXO®-CRH in MultiCam connected to the Haley Strategic Partners D3 Chest Rig Micro.

chest rig hydration with cooling and heating IcePlate EXO-CRH by Qore Performance

Above: IcePlate EXO®-CRH (Chest Rig Hydration) in Ranger Green mated to a D3CRX chest rig by Haley Strategic Partners. 

chest rig hydration with cooling and heating IcePlate EXO-CRH by Qore Performance

Above: Profile view of IcePlate EXO®-CRH (Chest Rig Hydration) showing how our all-new SizzleSticks connect IcePlate EXO®-CRH to the chest rig of your choice while giving plenty of stretch/flex for easy breathing in even the hardest conditions.

chest rig hydration with cooling and heating IcePlate EXO-CRH by Qore Performance

Above: IcePlate EXO®-CRH (Chest Rig Hydration) is built around the incredible durability of our IcePlate® Curve hard cell hydration bladder for plate carriers, chest rigs, adventure hydration packs, and cooling safety vests.

#4. IMS Sport

Best for: Outdoor enthusiasts, runners, hikers, walkers, skiers, snowboarders, hunters, stand-up-paddle boarders, watercraft (jet ski/wave runner)

Markets: Outdoor, Ski/Snow, Hunting, Watersports

IMS Sport is a ground-up reimagining of the adventure hydration pack, but now with the added bonus of thermoregulation (cooling/heating). Super thin and incredibly durable, IMS Sport is slim enough to fill with hot water and wear under a jacket when skiing or snowboarding, allowing you to finally sit flat and safe on a chairlift. It is also conformal, allowing you to take full advantage of the performance-enhancing and environmental inoculation powers of IcePlate® Curve. The laser-cut MAPs (MOLLE Attachment Points) on the outside mean you can attach your favorite activity-specific accessories like first aid kits, radios, phone batteries, jackets or just about anything else you can imagine!

hard cell adventure hydration pack with cooling and heating IMS Sport
Above: IMS Sport adventure hydration pack with cooling and heating
hard cell adventure hydration pack with cooling and heating IMS Sport
Above: Thanks to the conformal profile which lets you sit flat on chair lifts, the IMS Sport adventure hydration pack with cooling and heating is perfect for snowboarding and skiing.
hard cell adventure hydration pack with cooling and heating for skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking, running, walking, stand-up paddle boarding
Above: IMS Sport is the thinnest and toughest adventure hydration pack ever built.

#5. IceVest HiVis Cooling/Heating/Hydration Safety Vest (Class 2)

Best for: Professionals who need ANSI/OSHA Class 2 high visibility safety apparel with cooling, heating, hydration

Markets: Enterprise, Commercial, Industrial, Energy/Natural Resources, Government, QSR (Quick Serve Restaurant), drive thru, Utilities, Public Transportation/Infrastructure (rail, airports, rental car facilities, etc.), Oil & Gas, crime scene investigators, car washes, drone pilots, longshoremen,  crossing guards, the list is literally endless! 

Class 2 cooling hivis safety vest for QSR drive thru used by Dutch Bros Coffee, Chick-fil-A

The IceVest HiVis Safety Vest is the result of a unique collaboration with a group of Arizona Drive-Thru Restaurant Operators to combine multiple work functions into a single piece of kit. Shortly after the program launched, these Quick Serve Restaurant Operators referred us to Dutch Bros Arizona and Dutch Bros West Valley who were also looking to combine the powerful personal cooling capability of IcePlate® with their own Safety Requirements to keep their teams safe in the drive thru.

IceVest HiVis Safety Vest is a powerful, multi-purpose HSE (Health, Safety and Environmental) and productivity tool built to the safety compliance standards outlined in ANSI 107-2015.

Built from an incredibly durable, yet lightweight structural mesh, IceVest HiVis Cooling/Heating/Hydration Safety Vest (Class 2) is so breathable, it makes for a perfect year-round, all-climate ANSI 107-2015 Class 2 high visibility safety vest solution. IceVest HiVis Cooling/Heating/Hydration Safety Vest (Class 2) can be worn without IcePlates® as a regular hivis Class 2 safety vest. This is ideal for temperate days when supplemental cooling/heating are not required and is easy on the budget too. This is the last safety vest you will ever have to buy. IceVest is also available in Black for users and applications who do not need Safety Yellow colors or high visibility.

With these premium materials, IceVest HiVis Safety Vest meets internal Safety Requirements:

"A yellow, high-visibility reflective piece (for example, reflective strap or vest) securely buckled/fastened over shirt. Safety wear must provide increased visibility of Team Member from every angle, so reflective features must provide 360 degree coverage."* IceVest HiVis Safety Vest features body-facing 300D black nylon to limit IcePlate® condensation in humid climates for a clean look & reduced maintenance with the ease of being machine washable for easy care (IceVest HiVis is hang dry only). Webbing Ears help prevent pressure points while providing for convenient modularity by allowing for the easy replacement of individual components as they wear out from daily use and need to be replaced. We integrated a large 5"x4" chest-height Safety Yellow loop field for additional branding or identification placards to help with customer or team-facing messaging requirements. There is a PVC IcePlate® zipper pull for easy IcePlate® replacement on the bottom of IceVest. The IceVest is made in America from domestic and imported materials.

IceVest HiVis Cooling Safety Vest by Qore Performance

Above: IceVest HiVis Cooling/Heating/Hydration Safety Vest (Class 2) is the world's most powerful, most versatile cooling safety vest in HiVis Class 2.

#6. IceVest Black Cooling/Heating/Hydration Multi-Purpose Utility Vest

Best for: QSR (Quick Serve Restaurants), drive thru, walking, day hiking, travel/amusement parks, auto mechanics, car washes, Range Safety Officers (RSOs), landscaping, construction, food packing/processing, farming

Markets: QSR, Recreation, Firearms Training, Food, Agriculture, Construction, Automotive, anything where you need cooling/heating/hydration but without the ANSI/OSHA requirements for high visibility

Above: IceVest Black in Cooling/Heating Only configuration with SwiftClips for hands-free IceCase iPad Cooling Case carry

Above: IceVest Black in Drinkable with Cooling/Heating configuration with SwiftClips for hands-free carry of our IceCase iPad Cooling Case.

IceVest Black Cooling/Heating/Hydration Multi-Purpose Utility Vest is a versatile Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) PPE tool that inoculates commercial and recreational users against environmental risks on the job or on the trail by keeping core temp down (cooling) or up (heating). The most powerful cooling/heating safety vest on the market and the only cooling/heating vest with hydration in the world, IceVest Black combines multiple utility functions into a single piece of kit, enabling users to realize their full potential.

IceVest Black also feature SwiftClip adapters so users can clip in their IceCase iPad Cooling Cases for hands-free use/carry on the job. This functionality is also found on IceVest HiVis Class 2.

Above: IceCase iPad Cooling Case with SunShield is the world's most powerful and most useful iPad cooling case.

Class 2 safety vest with cooling, heating, hydration and hands-free iPad carrying capability

Above: IceVest HiVis Cooling/Heating/Hydration Safety Vest (Class 2) with SwiftClip connectors for hands-free carry of IceCase iPad Cooling Case.

IceVest Black is NOT designed for Military, Law Enforcement, Security or Defensive applications. For MIL/LE applications, use IcePlate EXO®.

#7. IcePlate® Hydration Backpack with Cooling/Heating

Best for: QSR (Quick Serve Restaurants), drive thru, walking, day hiking, travel/amusement parks

Markets: QSR, drive thru, recreational, county fairs, school yards

IcePlate® Hydration Backpack carries a single IcePlate® Classic or IcePlate® Curve on the back. It can be used for cooling/heating only or for cooling/heating/hydration and features the same SwiftClip strap interface found on IceVest HiVis Cooling/Heating/Hydration Safety Vest (Class 2) and IceVest Black for hands-free carry of our IceCase iPad Cooling Case. It is perfect for petite and/or female team members who find wearing an IcePlate® on their chest to be uncomfortable. 

IcePlate Cooling Backpack

#8. IMS and IMS Pro

Best for: military and law enforcement plate carriers in need of plate carrier hydration, plate carrier cooling and/or plate carrier heating while preserving the ability to preserve their plate carrier MOLLE field for mounting additional kit without worry of bladder compression or bladder rupture. Ideal for mounted personnel (vehicles).

Markets: Military, Law Enforcement, Private Security, Contractors, Fire/EMS, Prepared Citizens

Above: IMS vs. IMS Pro. What is the difference? Click here to find out.

The all-new IMS and IMS Pro replace our incredibly popular IMS Flex with a range of new features and improvements to deliver our most capable Sleeve yet. Designed from the ground up for IcePlate EXO® (ICE) compatibility, IMS Pro is also universally compatible with any plate carrier on the market today thanks to the hook on one side and loop Velcro on the other with MOLLE on both sides. Dual side MOLLE + Velcro facilitates mounting on the inside (Cooling, Heating, Hydration, Impact Protection) or outside (hydration only) of any plate carrier with any combination of MOLLE and/or Hook and Loop Velcro.

Crye Precision Zip On Back Panels are compatible with the IMS Combo for the IcePlate Curve by Qore Performance for plate carrier hydration

Above: IMS Combo is compatible with Crye Precision Zip-On Panels

By contrast, IMS is made from traditional 500D nylon with four permanently attached MOLLE straps for the ultimate in fixed, external hard cell plate carrier hydration only. 

Designed specifically for use with IcePlate® Curve to deliver hydration with the thinnest profile on the market at just 1" thin, IMS and IMS Pro are the hard cell hydration and body armor cooling solutions for tactical professionals in austere, no-fail environments.

For a full breakdown comparing and contrasting IMS vs. IMS Pro, click here.

#9. Side Release Armor Straps

Best for: Body Armor Users (entry level mounting system - not recommended, see below for why)

Markets: Military, Law Enforcement, Private Security, Contractors, Fire/EMS

The Army requirement for a universal body armor compatibility is what led us to the shape you see today in IcePlate® Curve: a medium ESAPI plate. Size medium armor plates account for more than 80% of both US Military armor plate inventory as well as private sector commercial production. In other words, medium plates cover 80% of the population. That is why IcePlate® Classic and IcePlate® Curve come in size medium.

We designed IcePlate® Classic and IcePlate® Curve with Integrated Strap Loops so it could be secured to the shoulder straps of an IOTV (or any other body armor system with shoulder straps) using our Side Release Armor Straps without the need to remove your armor per the Army's request for a low-cost (they used the word "cheap") and universal mounting system. This simple mechanism gave IcePlate® universal mounting capability from IOTV to the minimalist designs like our IcePlate EXO® we see today and everything in between. HOWEVER, this is an entry-level mounting option that only exists to satisfy the US Army requirement for universal mounting. We recommend using our IMS or IMS Pro when running IcePlate® Curve or IcePlate® Classic with a plate carrier. Click here to see which one is right for you.

The Side Release Armor Straps use IcePlates® Integrated Strap Loops (patent pending) which give end users the ability to secure IcePlate® Curve to their armor using almost any field-expedient resource: 550 cord, folded-over tape (medical, electrical, duct, Gorilla or 100 MPH), boot/shoe laces, nylon webbing, string or a length of just about anything else you can find in the field. We wanted IcePlate® Classic and IcePlate® Curve to be usable in the direst circumstances because as the most indestructible (and modular) hydration source (and the only cooling tool) ever created for tactical users, the probability of IcePlate® Curve being around in a tough situation was high. We had to make sure it had utility to compliment its durability. SWAT LEO @seven_ty_nine provided us with a great example of how to use field expedient resources to lash your IcePlate to your rig:

Armor Straps for IcePlate Classic and IcePlate Curve

Above: IcePlate® Curve mounts to any plate carrier (Velocity Systems SCARAB LT shown) on the market today using the Side Release Armor Straps.

IcePlate Armor Straps connected to Velocity Systems APC Plate Carrier

IcePlate SWAT user @seven_ty_nine with the Velocity Systems APC

Inside Plate Bag

Depending on your specific armor plate/plate bag combination, you may be able to run your IcePlate® Classic or IcePlate® Curve inside your plate bag with your hard or soft armor plate. While IcePlate® Curve and IcePlate® Classic are not designed specifically for this application, it can be done for special fitness applications like The Tactical Games and Crossfit. IcePlate® Curve comes with Medium ESAPI conformal geometry and can easily be worn inside a plate bag with hard armor plates using carriers with larger plate pockets like the 5.11 TacTec or the TacticalTailor LowVis MBAV pictured here:

IcePlate curve inside plate bag behind armor plate

IcePlate® Classic is shown here in an issued First Spear Strandhogg rig worn by a SWAT team in Southern California:

IcePlate Classic worn inside First Spear Strandhogg Plate Bag

If you own IcePlate® Classic, this internal carry method can still be used sometimes thanks some DIY ninja skills from one of our early customers. IcePlate® Classic can be molded to match the contours of your hard armor plates thanks to this technique pioneered by IcePlate® user and tactical medic @angry.canadian. This does not apply to IcePlate® Curve since it comes pre-formed to the exact contours of a Medium ESAPI hard armor plate.

Between the Side Release Armor Straps, IcePlate® Sleeve, IcePlate EXO®, IceVest HiVis Safety Vest (also available in Industrial Black), there is a carrier solution for nearly every IcePlate application. Contact us on LiveChat, email us or call us at 703.755.0724 with any questions.

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