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Why did Qore Performance build the EDC Coin Purse?

J.D. and I started Qore Performance with one main goal: "To liberate humans from environmental constraints." We have a few foundational philosophies that we use as a team to do this: Eliminate waste at every opportunity Make every feature serve more than one purpose as often as possible Look for meaningful competitive advantages in the margins When we began designing and developing our all-new IcePlate Carrier Exoskeleton (ICE), we found that our pattern didn't use all of our high-tech laminate. It isn't easy to build a hydrophobic laminate that is 14x stronger than steel for the same weight, so that means our material is super expensive. Like SUPER expensive. We didn't want to waste anything because that would drive up costs...

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IceVents Universal Shoulder Pad Compatibility Guide: Backpacks

IceVents Shoulder Pads, our universal shoulder pads with built in cord management, are the result of a synergistic collaboration between Qore Performance and @GarandThumb.  IceVents boast a number of impressive features revolutionizing load carrying capacity: lightweight (the weight of a first class letter), ideal load distribution (IceVents use Stimulite, an impact-absorbing hexagonal honeycomb TPE), superior ventilation, and most relevant to this post - Universal Backpack Compatibility. What follows is a running list of backpacks that are compatible with IceVents Shoulder Pads.  Don't see your backpack?  No worries.  IceVents fit any backpack. Looking for our plate carrier compatibility chart?  Click here. Price Legend: 💲 (< $100), 💲💲 ($100 - $250), 💲💲💲 (> $250) IceVents Backpack Compatibility Chart Backpack  Main Compartment Dimensions  Material  Shoulder Strap Padded?  Ability to Route Drinking Tubes? Laptop Sleeve? Hydration...

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Hydration Bladder/IcePlate Hose Compatibility Guide

Here at Qore Performance, we want you to get the most out of your equipment.  As such, we have have created this Quick Disconnect and Hose Compatibility Guide.  In the following post we’ll answer these frequently asked questions: What are some of the common hoses that are compatible with my IcePlate Quick Disconnect Kit? What other common hydration gadgets work with my IcePlate? Will these gadgets fit into or onto the IcePlate hose? (Note: the majority of these items can be purchased directly off the shelf at your local REI). Compatibility Cheat Sheet IcePlate Compatible? CamelBak Crux Insulated Tube  ✔️ CamelBak HydroLink Tube Kit  ❌ CamelBak Mil Spec Antidote Replacement Tube  ✔️ HydraPak ArcticFusion Tube Kit ✔️ HydraPak Hydrant Tube Kit ✔️...

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