7 Steps for Restaurant Drive Thru Conversion: Intro (start here)

7 Steps for Restaurant Drive Thru Conversion: Intro (start here)

Coronavirus has upended the retail environment overnight. The companies that quickly adjust to this new environment while keeping customers and employees safe will be the ones that survive. But knowing the right thing to do can be overwhelming, chaotic, and terrifying. Should I close? Stay open? Do carry out? Curbside? How much staff do I need? Who goes where? How do I keep my people safe? It's a lot to consider, but to keep serving customers, you'll need to be very efficient and make some big changes quickly.

We work with the very best companies in the drive thru and carry out business and we are here to help with some fundamentals and best practices in this confusing time.

The most successful operators take these seven key steps:

  1. Know Inventory
  2. Limit Options
  3. Create an Online Interface
  4. Design an Efficient Space
  5. Create a Consistent Process
  6. Provide Consistent Training
  7. Utilize New Technology to Expand

In this series of posts, we’ll cover some different pieces each day. We’ll talk about the differences between a retail establishment and a restaurant, and how you can use these same principles to keep your business running in the social distancing era. We have a few suggested templates for signs and some basic layouts for your drive lanes. As volume and temperatures kick up this summer, we will introduce you to the IceVest and IceCase cooling solutions to keep your people safe and take your new business model to the next level.

Remember: you can do this. And we are here for you every step of the way as you have questions.

This is article one of the series “7 Steps to Build a Drive Thru for Restaurants and Retail Stores to Survive Coronavirus.” To read the next post in the series click Here.



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    Do you add drive thru functionality to existing restaurants?

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