Kit de mise à niveau de valve unidirectionnelle pour IcePlate® Curve (DIY)
Kit de mise à niveau de valve unidirectionnelle pour IcePlate® Curve (DIY)
Kit de mise à niveau de valve unidirectionnelle pour IcePlate® Curve (DIY)
Kit de mise à niveau de valve unidirectionnelle pour IcePlate® Curve (DIY)
Kit de mise à niveau de valve unidirectionnelle pour IcePlate® Curve (DIY)

Kit de mise à niveau de valve unidirectionnelle pour IcePlate® Curve (DIY)

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* Les vannes unidirectionnelles sont livrées en standard sur toutes les courbes IcePlate expédiées après le 1er janvier 2022 .

La bouteille d'eau la plus performante au monde vient de recevoir une mise sous tension.

Présentation du kit de rénovation de valve unidirectionnelle pour IcePlate® Curve : un kit de bricolage simple qui vous permet d'imprimer en 3D votre propre gabarit pour installer la valve unidirectionnelle sur votre IcePlate® Curve dans le confort de votre propre maison. Ce kit est destiné aux propriétaires actuels d'IcePlate® Curve qui n'ont pas de vannes unidirectionnelles sur leurs IcePlate® Curves. Tous les nouveaux IcePlate® Curves, IMS Combos et IMS Pro Combos sont livrés en standard avec des vannes unidirectionnelles.


La valve unidirectionnelle permet à l'air d'entrer dans IcePlate® Curve, améliorant le débit de plus de 100 % pour une expérience de consommation sans effort. Cette option est recommandée pour toute personne utilisant IcePlate® Curve pour l'hydratation.

Cliquez sur. Imprimer. Perceuse. Boisson.

Cliquez ici pour télécharger notre fichier .STL open-source pour le gabarit d'installation de valve unidirectionnelle de Thingiverse.

Chaque forfait comprend :

  • 1 x Valve unidirectionnelle pour IcePlate® Curve

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
2LT (Mildenhall, GB)
Works like i needed, but I missed the install a bit

Good evening all. Unfortunately, I am in Kuwait on deployment... living the "Fobbit" life. So, no 3d printer, no lowes, or home depot... not even a walmart. The retrofit worked as intended, if get you get the hole right. If you don't have the right bit and have to drill a bit more, then the hole isn't perfect. It dripped out the the sides of the valve. Which, I don't like, since I also have limited freezer space to freeze my water for the day. So, i put some non-toxic plumbing 'glue' and 'fixed' it. I love the National Guardsmen bringing their day job experience to the fight. Otherwise, YES! I'd rather have the valve when I'm moving around in the 90-130 degree ****ing heat. I never did like having to blow air back into the system to get water. Especially between sprints with armor. Especially during a CrossFit "Murph" challenge... in the Kuwaiti summer.

David Zambada JR (Tucson, US)

Works as intended. Should have had the valve in the fist model of the ice plate. I had to purchase one to keep install in my first plate.

Jacob (El Paso, US)
Perfect update

This little valve was a perfect update for the ice pack. Easy to install and works like a charm.

A. (Saint Augustine, US)
Instagram Handle: adamstastny
Awesome Hydration Pack

Just want to say that I am not military, so in no way, shape or form am I putting this product through the intensity levels they may see in that field. With that being said, I do use this in my kit for firearm training at the range, as well as airsoft skirmish and scenarios. The IcePlate Curve has probably seen around 50 hours of use since May 2021. There is only one problem that I have with the IcePlate, and that is with the IceCap/IcePlate Port.

I'm not sure if this is how it is with everyone's, butt I find that if you tighten the IceCap to, what feels like, completely snug, it will "strip" and slip off the grooves, resulting in profuse leaking. However, if you only give it "60%" pressure when tightening, it seems to hold all liquid with no leaks. (At least from my experience.) I may add some PTFE tape to see if I can use that to get a full tighten down without leaking, but besides that - it is an amazing product and well worth the money.

I only use the Sleeve Pro for those extremely hot, humid Florida days, where I will run it on the inside of my plate carrier, frozen to help cool down. Works amazing and is worth it right there alone. Almost want to buy a second one for the front as well, haha. For non-frozen use, I will run the IcePlate in a third-party storage on the rear of the carrier, but the same concept applies. Keeps you cool on those hot days, keeps you hydrated...always. -1 star for the issue with the leak, but again - that could just be my unit or a mistake I had made in the past.

Do recommend!

Hi Adam,
Thank you for taking the time to leave an honest review! We are sorry to hear you have had some issues with your IceCap interface. If you could send a video of the issue to Info [at] Qore Performance [dot] com, we'll see what we can do to get you squared away ASAP. #StayFrosty

Kyle Nelson (Los Angeles, US)
Game Changer!

Recently I emailed Qore asking if they would sell me a one-way valve for my IcePlate. The email response back was almost immediate and they told me they were actually going to start selling them in just a few days. I purchased and installed the new one-way valve retrofit kit for my IcePlate. It makes a huge difference in the water flow rate. So much better. I highly recommend it. I do not have access to a 3D printer so I did not use the installation jig. I did it freehand, and while not perfect, it turned out just fine. Thanks to all at Qore for the great customer service and great gear!


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