ICEVENTS® Aero Comfort Combo (PowerMesh backing)
ICEVENTS® Aero Comfort Combo (PowerMesh backing)
ICEVENTS® Aero Comfort Combo (PowerMesh backing)

ICEVENTS® Aero Comfort Combo (PowerMesh backing)


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ICEVENTS® Aero Comfort Combo is 100% made in the USA from US materials

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Qore Performance and Noisefighters have partnered to create the ultimate Hearing Protection Package

Integrating seamlessly with your existing ear pro headset, the ICEVENTS® Comfort Combo provides unparalleled comfort, eliminates headaches, and takes your hearing protection to the next level.

The ICEVENTS® Aero Comfort Combo is exclusive to Qore Performance®.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All ICEVENTS® Classic products use the same footprint. All ICEVENTS® Aero products use the same footprint. The only difference is the backing (PowerMesh, hook backed, hook-receptive loop backed) and the size (all pads are full size except holster pads which are half size). 


  • ICEVENTS® Aero (single) Universal Ventilated Headband Pad (includes Velcro brand OneWrap and Velcro adhesive)
  • Noisefighters SightLines Next-Gen Gel Ear Pads (Peel & Stick Adhesive Backing)
  • ***Headset and Oakley M-Frame ALPHA not included***

ICEVENTS® Instruction Videos

How Do I Wear ICEVENTS®?


IceVents Aero ventilated hearing protection headband pad

ICEVENTS® Universal Ventilated Headband Pad ICEVENTS® are made from exclusive and proprietary Supracor Stimulite impact-absorbing hexagonal honeycomb thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) technology. Worn as a headband, ICEVENTS® increase long-term comfort and enhance endurance.
Noisefighters SightLines Next-Gen Gel Ear Pads First ever gel earmuff pads with relief cuts for glasses to pass through without breaking the seal and causing headaches. Super-soft silicone gel produces an amazing seal. Use of premium acoustic memory foam and a closed head seal leads to impressively better sound deadening that is immediately noticeable to even the most casual user.


  • 90% air by volume, weighs 0.8 ounces
  • Omni-directional venting keeps you dry and comfortable
  • Plush hexagonal honeycomb for unmatched load-bearing comfort
  • Load distribution architecture that outperforms foams, reducing fatigue
  • Anti-microbial
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Washable (if needed)
  • Stimulates superficial blood flow to improve circulation
  • Hydrolysis Resistance: does not retain water
  • Stimulite honeycomb TPE technology
  • Can be trimmed to fit with household scissors (if desired/needed)
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40 to 198 degrees Fahrenheit

Like plate carriers, ICEVENTS® are not FR rated


  • Designed to survive in nearly every environment on earth.
  • Silicone gel and sound-deadening memory foam provide the ultimate in softness. The silicone gel's flexibility is amazingly similar from -100F to +300F (-70C to 150C). The sound-deadening memory foam meets FAR 25.853 for U.S. aviation use. Polyurethane provides a supple outer skin. The polymer skin is resistant to UV rays, has antifungal properties, and does not absorb moisture and quickly degrade like cheaper materials.
  • Product should last for several years of normal use instead of degrading quickly like faux leather or vinyl pads. Be sure to regularly clean the outer surface of our pads with soapy water as necessary but do not submerge.

Already own Gel Ear Pads?  Click here for the ICEVENTS® Ventilated Headband Pad only.


Any headset that utilizes pads that are 4" tall x 3" wide and allows users to peel off their original pads and apply new adhesive-backed pads. There is a rigid outer lip on this pad that locks into headsets' retaining clips (as found on Impact® Sport) and a specially-engineered, pressure-sensitive adhesive providing a secondary method to secure the pads. This adhesive is non-permanent and pads can be removed dozens of times without degrading the bonding strength. Please visit the Noisefighters website for additional information on compatibility and also videos regarding proper installation.

  • 3M Peltor: RangeGuard, Sport Tactical 100 / 300 / 500
  • Caldwell E-Max (standard and low-profile)
  • Howard Leight: Impact Sport (including Bolt version), Impact Pro, Leightning, Sync, Viking
  • Mpow Noise Reduction Safety Ear Muffs
  • NoiseBuster PA4000, PA4100, PA4200
  • Ops-Core AMP
  • Pro Ears - multiple models compatible; customer must verify attachment method
  • Radians - multiple models compatible; customer must verify attachment method
  • Winchester Passive Folding Earmuffs (including Low Pro)

Adapters for other headsets available. Please check the Noisefighters Compatibility Guide.


Check out step-by-step SightLines installation instructions here.

For more information on how to install the ICEVENTS® Ventilated Headband Pad, check out this video:



Designed and manufactured in the USA from US materials. Fulfilled from our Knoxville, TN HQ. Not subject to ITAR.

For bulk Corporate/Unit/Agency orders of 100+ units or to request a quote, please click here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Labooyah (Ridgefield, US)
Instagram Handle: Willnahhhh
Great upgrade

I use these in peltor comtacs and love the set. The quore vent takes some heat off my head, and is super comfy. The gelcups for the ears have slits for your glasses making them really comfortable, you dont get as much pain in the ears because of this

Samson (Cornwall-on-Hudson, US)
Cool and Comfy

Went on a 2 week shooting course with Howard Leight Impact Sports headset and these components improved exceptionally without a show of discomfort from wearing my glasses and eyepro.

Cherry Burger (Colorado Springs, US)
comfort ear

Since I wear glasses and one needs eye protection the softer ear muffs are great.

Bill (Philadelphia, US)
Awesome product, worth every cent.

Gel pads from Noisefighters made my Howard Leight's very comfortable. I could wear it for hours on end. The Qore Icevent pad was the icing on the cake- or the top of my head. And thank you for offering military discount guys, appreciate it.

Darryll King (Charlotte, US)
Instagram Handle: TheThirdKingD
Comfy and Quiet

I picked up the Ice Vents and Gel Ear Pads for my Howard Leight Impact Sports and wow they were much more comfortable for an extended session at the range. The ear pad cutouts worked perfectly with my glasses too. I’ll pick up a set for my wife next!!

J Ricker (Charlotte, US)
Comfort x100

The gel pads and ice vent pad turns any ear pro set into an incredibly comfortable set that you can wear all day. If you are on the fence about getting these, trust me, get them.

Jim (Hermitage, US)
So comfortable

These are very soft and comfortable. Very happy with them.

Perry D. (Sneads Ferry, US)
Ice Vents plus gel ear pads.

Great product! Super happy after a range day!

dmurk (Torrance, US)
Great, good, and ok

I recently mounted the setup on some Howard Leigh’s. I had them on all day at a 8 hour class (90 degree plus and dry). Now the short:

Great: Seals work great. Able to hear and keep all the bad out. Very comfortable with no slippery or sticky feeling. The head band wasn’t itchy or soggy on my bald head.

Good: The headset feels light or nonexistent. Wore them all day, but should have taken them off on short breaks.

Ok: Well, the way the gel head band and the mounting velcro stick together is sorta problematic. I tried to seal up the creases in the band, but there are too many curves to make it streamlined. I just put another velcro wrap in the middle. I figure it will come unglued one of these days. Nothing seems to last forever if you actually use it.

Thumbs up on trying something new and it actually works.

DJ (San Jose, US)
Instagram Handle: @brucecruise45
Works great!

It’s the first ear protection headband pad I’ve used so I have nothing to compare it with, but the added comfort is great. Definitely helps alleviate pressure from extended use along with the gel ear pads. Excellent combo, highly recommended!