The Art and War Podcast: Qore Performance® and the Mandate Challenge

The Art and War Podcast: Qore Performance® and the Mandate Challenge


///Warning: this interview is raw, politically incorrect, and contains adult language. Intended for adult audiences only.///

We had to have Qore Performance® join us after their announcement concerning government mandates for private companies! In this episode, Qore Performance’s® Co-Founder and CEO Justin Li joins the lads to discuss the cooling technology for plate carriers and other gear they’ve pioneered and the science behind it. Mitch discusses being a heat casualty and the poor leadership that lead to it as well as his experience being picked up in full kit with NODS and weapons in Ukraine by civilians, the boys touch on the military’s phobia towards common sense innovation, the absurdity of government contracts and how soldiers acquire good gear in spite of their superiors and of course: Qore Performance’s absolute rejection of the Biden administration’s vaccine mandates for private businesses is discussed.

All of that and much more!

Links to topics covered in the podcast:

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IcePlate EXO®
IcePlate® Curve

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