Does Qore Performance® build custom product solutions?

Does Qore Performance® build custom product solutions?

BLUF: yes, but only for large orders. Large orders are generally $10,000 and up for off-the-shelf while custom modification programs start around $25,000 and up. Bespoke/custom tailored product programs start at $100,000 and up. Orders of this size are most often placed by our Enterprise or Government customers. Our technology and production processes require significant scale to produce at our quality control standards.

Are you a large enterprise and need a slight modification to an existing Qore Performance® product? No problem. To address the unique needs of large-scale enterprise customers, we created Q-MOD by Qore Performance®.

Over the past three years we have received thousands of requests for specialty projects. From swimmer cut ICEPLATE®, to Arc-Resistant HiVis Safety Vests, our broad customer base has equally broad requirements that occasionally require some modification of one of our existing products to suit the specific use case.

Here are a few items you should understand about Q-MOD projects:

  1. We won’t build products outside of our current offerings. If you have an idea for this amazing contraption that has nothing to do with our mission or our current product line, you are in the wrong place. Q-MOD will modify or evolve current product offerings, but we will not design and build a project from scratch. Example: you have a need for a HiVis cooling/hydration solution for your team, but you are required to use NFPA 2112 compliant FR gear and need us to modify our ICEVEST HiVis to be NFPA 2112 compliant. This is an example of a project that could be eligible for Q-MOD. If, however, you want us to build you a ballistic helmet, the project will not be eligible for Q-MOD.
  2. We require high MOQ’s, especially if we don't have another customer/market for the modification you are requesting. Q-MOD is designed to outfit entire units, companies, and/or industries with our state of the art technology. Generally speaking, MOQ's start in the high hundreds or low thousands of units.
  3. This has to be a partnership, both strategically and financially, so you can expect to share some development costs and/or be asked to fund the entire design based on our assessment of the total available market.

If all of this sounds like what you need, then click here, and fill out a little bit of contact information. You can expect a call from us within the first business day to discuss your project, the timeline, and your goals.

We look forward to working alongside you and your company, and are eager to welcome you to the Qore Performance® Family. 


In case you missed the link to register for the Program, here it is again.

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