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Why did Qore Performance build the EDC Coin Purse?

J.D. and I started Qore Performance with one main goal: "To liberate humans from environmental constraints." We have a few foundational philosophies that we use as a team to do this: Eliminate waste at every opportunity Make every feature serve more than one purpose as often as possible Look for meaningful competitive advantages in the margins When we began designing and developing our all-new IcePlate EXO (ICE), we found that our pattern didn't use all of our high-tech laminate. It isn't easy to build a hydrophobic laminate that is 14x stronger than steel for the same weight, so that means our material is super expensive. Like SUPER expensive. We didn't want to waste anything because that would drive up costs for...

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The Best Carry-On Water Bottle for Traveling

Frequent flyers know that having a solid water supply available, especially with the Summer months approaching fast, is going to become even more important. Performance isn’t just about exercise and physically demanding jobs, most business travelers have important meetings as soon as they land. Given the strict environment that is a modern airplane behind TSA security let’s discuss some of the best options for hydration on a plane.

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The Best Carry-On Bag Setup for Frequent Flyer and Business Travelers

The perfect carry-on bag or backpack has several key characteristics: lightweight, efficient, slim, modular, and most importantly it must fit various aircraft storage dimensions. This can be extremely difficult because overhead storage bins and under seat storage areas vary depending on the aircraft on which you are flying. Unfortunately, you can't plan a trip around the specific storage space of your particular aircraft. As great as Google Flights and SeatGuru are, they simply don't have information that granular (yet). We don't know which aircraft have been retrofitted with new overhead bins such as Boeing Space Bins or the Airbus Airspace XL Bins and which airframes still sport the old, smaller bin designs. This creates a challenge for us when we’re...

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