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How do I wear IcePlate Classic and IcePlate Curve?

Originally designed for the US Army in 2016, our IcePlate line of wearable water bottles that warm you up or cool you down can be found on the backs of tens of thousands of safety professionals in a variety of industries in addition to US and Allied military personnel. This diverse pool of military, law enforcement and safety professionals has driven us to create an equally diverse ecosystem of Vests and Carriers for IcePlate Classic and IcePlate Curve. This article is about standalone systems to wear/use IcePlate Classic and IcePlate Curve, but if you want to know how IcePlate works with backpacks or armor, check out our articles on IcePlate Backpack Compatibility and IcePlate Plate Carrier Compatibility. If you are a travel enthusiast or...

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How to Clean IcePlate Classic and IcePlate Curve

Keeping your IcePlate clean is simple and easy.  Here are a few helpful tips for cleaning IcePlate Classic and IcePlate Curve. How to clean IcePlate Curve and IceCap: How to clean IcePlate Classic: Dishwasher Safe or Hand Wash IcePlate, including the hose and Bite Valve/Dust Cover Kit, are Dishwasher Safe.  Simply unscrew the cap (this can be stowed in the silverware compartment of your dishwasher) and place the IcePlate cap side down in the lower rack.  If your IcePlate includes our Quick Disconnect feature, the upper portion of the tube can be removed and placed in the top rack. Run the IcePlate through your normal wash and dry cycle.   Another option is to hand wash your IcePlate with a mild...

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IcePlate Classic vs. IcePlate Curve: What is the difference between IcePlate Classic and IcePlate Curve?

  Customers ask us all the time: "What is the difference between IcePlate Classic (Gen 2 and IcePlate Curve (Gen 3)?" So we built this convenient chart to answer the question and help you make the best decision for your IcePlate application. If you are interested in learning more about the design evolution of the IcePlate Family, click here. Classic Curve Dimensions 10 x 12 x 1 (WxHxD)  9.5 x 12.5 x 1 (WxHxD) Shape Medium SAPI Medium ESAPI Geometry Flat Multi-Curve Capacity 50oz/1.5L 50oz/1.5L Cooling Power 70 watts 70 watts No. of Fill Ports 2 1 Thread Standard 20-410 28-410 Max Hot Water Temp 190F 190F Material FDA-Certified, BPA-Free HDPE FDA-Certified, BPA-Free HDPE Modes Drinkable or Closed Drinkable and...

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How to Stay Cool Under Body Armor: the Science Behind Body Armor Cooling for Military and Law Enforcement

  Heat casualties are a critical problem for body armor users. This is, of course, a big deal for Military, SOF and Law Enforcement. There's a new, way better, approach. The military has been trying to solve the problem of cooling soldiers efficiently for several decades. The insulating properties of protective body armor increase the risk of dehydration, heat stroke, and performance loss for those who wear it, as their bodies cannot offload the heat trapped by the armor. Typical cooling mechanisms require power or add significant weight to operator kit, making them ineffective and impractical. Thus the US military spends hundreds of millions of dollars in hydration bladders and bottled water to replenish and rehydrate operators in the field after they have...

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