Minimalist Plate Carrier Setup: A Complete Guide
Plate carriers come in all shapes and sizes, from huge vests that also support all sorts of additional armor to cut-down, minimalist plate carriers. There is nothing wrong with either approach, as long as it is tailored to the mission....
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Plate Carrier Weight Calculator
How much does my plate carrier load out weigh? Who makes the lightest plate carrier? Use this plate carrier weight calculator to figure out how much your military or law enforcement plate carrier weighs. The Qore Performance Plate Carrier Weight Calculator is an essential mission planning tool for endurance, thermoregulation, hydration, and metabolic efficiency. It includes pouches and plate carriers from Spiritus Systems, Ferro Concepts, Crye Precision, Velocity Systems, Shaw Concepts and Qore Performance. Armor plates from DFNDR Armor and pouches from Blue Force Gear are also included.
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Padded Plate Backer: How to make your hard armor plates more comfortable when wearing your plate carrier
Foam plate backer pads and plate comfort pads are all the rage right now for military, law enforcement, and civilian plate carriers. But, is adding insulating foam to your already hot plate carrier really a good idea? Here is an ultralight, super ventilated padded plate backer option that doesn't use foam, doesn't insulate, is 90% air by volume, and ventilates in every direction. It also weighs next to nothing. This is how to build the most comfortable and most ventilated plate backer pads in the world in about five minutes.
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