A Guide to The Perfect Civilian Plate Carrier Setup
A Guide to The Perfect Civilian Plate Carrier Setup A well-configured plate carrier shouldn't be confined to soldiers on the battlefield or members of law enforcement; civilians too can benefit from having reliable ballistic defense, especially in dangerous situations such...
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Technical Plate Carrier Review: Blue Force Gear PLATEminus 6
With Blue Force Gear's focus on “lighter, faster, stronger” the big questions we want answered today are: how does the PLATE6 MOLLEminus stack up against the competition and why aren’t more people talking about this carrier? Read this installment of Qore Performance INSIGHTS to find out.
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ICEPLATE® Heating Use - Optimal & Field Expedient Methods
Whether you're embarking on field duties or venturing into the wilderness for leisure activities like backpacking and camping, ICEPLATE® Curve is an indispensable companion. Let’s delve into the best ways to heat your ICEPLATE® Curve for enduring warmth in various scenarios.
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