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"The competitor to be feared is one who never bothers about you at all, but goes on making his own business better all the time.”

- Henry Ford

Welcome to Qore Performance, your go-to source for railroad safety vests. We focus on advancing your safety and efficiency on the railroad tracks through our innovative safety solutions. Each piece of equipment is designed not just to meet but exceed ANSI standards, ensuring that every railroad worker is equipped to face the unique challenges of working on the train tracks. Discover how our cutting-edge solutions like ICEVEST HiVis Safety Vest Class 2 can transform your idea of safety in the railroad industry.

ICEVEST HiVis Cooling/Heating/Hydration Safety Vest Type R Class 2

ICEVEST HiVis Class 2 Safety Vest is a game-changer in the world of railroad safety apparel. This high-visibility reflective vest is carefully engineered to enhance the safety and performance of railroad workers by integrating advanced cooling/heating/hydration features that cater to the demanding nature of working on a railroad.

  • Conductive Cooling & Heating: Harnesses the power of ICEPLATE® Curve to provide temperature control for the wearer, crucial for working in varying outdoor conditions.
  • Integrated Hydration: Features a sophisticated hydration system when paired with ICEPLATE® Curve, crucial when working long shifts.
  • ANSI Class 2 Visibility: Equipped with premium reflective tape that significantly enhances visibility in low light conditions, meeting and exceeding ANSI Class 2 standards.
  • Adaptable Fit: Designed with an adjustable elastic belt to ensure a comfortable fit for all body sizes.

This vest not only adheres to safety standards but sets new benchmarks for comfort and functionality in railroad worker safety clothing, providing an all-season solution to safety and performance needs.

[Caution: Make sure to check with your railroad contractor's rules concerning safety vest color. Some railroads (like BNSF Railway) require the use of orange vests. Other different railroads require workers to wear green or yellow.]

Image is of our safety vest class 2

Enhance Your Railroad Safety Vest with ICEPLATE®

Enhance your railroad safety gear with ICEPLATE® Curve – specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with our safety vests. This addition is great for maintaining superior performance and safety in any work environment.

  • Seamless Integration: Engineered to slide seamlessly into our safety vest, maintaining a low profile while significantly boosting functionality.
  • Powerful Temperature Control: Capable of delivering substantial cooling or heating, crucial for managing body temperature during extreme weather.
  • Substantial Hydration Capacity: Provides lasting hydration with 50 fl oz capacity.

ICEPLATE® Curve turns our safety vests into a complete high-performance system that significantly improves safety and operational capabilities for railroad workers, making it a must-have in railroad safety equipment.


Great for Outdoor Recreational and Work Sites

Been using this product for over a month and living and working outdoors in 110+ degree weather I can take comfort in knowing my core temperature is still in the green and as the ice melts I am able to have chilled water while on breaks. This product has made my work environment more tolerable and is an invaluable item for your safety in high heat environments.

It works

My first ice plate product. I used it to go to outdoor events and also washing my car at night when it is hot outside in the summer. I did get another Helix bite valve instead of the Storm valve that it came with. I also got a hydration tube magnetic clip also from Source Tactical. I did have to take a few tries to figure out where to put the chest strap height wise as I do have muscular pecs and needed a compromise of where the strap isn’t choking my neck , but it’s not squeezing the shoulder straps on my man boobs. It’s a strange feeling because ice plate and bag doesn’t feel Cold to the body, but I know I am not sweating in the heat. So somehow it is working. Only thing is if they also can sell the chest straps separately as an accessory because I think unclipping and clipping them over time might break the clips eventually. I also got it with the classic ventilation pontoons, I didn’t think it felt all that comfortable with it (felt rough) even when wearing a shirt on the body. I’ll save the pontoons for when I get the plate carrier

Perfect Solution for General Aviation

Flying small planes in the summer is essentially voluntarily strapping yourself into a fast moving oven with the added benefit of the sun beating down on you. A/C is usually too heavy or expensive for most small planes and alternatives are very few. The IMS sport is the perfect low profile cooling solution. Even with 98° +80% FL humidity the Ice Plate keeps you comfortable. The contour of the plate makes it comfortable to wear even on long flight and gives me more water than I can reasonably carry in a water bottle. Even in my unusual use case it works perfectly.

IMS Sport combo

Absolutely a mission/performance enhancer. This allows you to rev higher in hot weather and stay cooler without red lining and cooking your core temp.

ICEPLATE EXO®-SLK HiVis – Optimal Rail Safety & Visibility

ICEPLATE EXO®-SLK HiVis is another great option for those seeking high-visibility safety vests for railroad work. It offers unparalleled durability, temperature regulation, and hydration with the added ability to attach pouches for hands-free carrying of equipment.

  • Swift-Clip Compatible: Allows quick and easy attachment of our ICEPLATE EXO® MOLLE Placard
  • Blue Force Gear Pouches: Pouches easily attach to the MOLLE placard, crucial for railroad workers who need to carry railroad tools and other equipment hands-free.
  • Exceptional Durability and Comfort: Crafted to withstand use across various conditions while promoting comfort and ease of movement throughout the workday.
  • Enhanced Hydration & Temperature Regulation: Delivers exceptional cooling and heating capabilities along with a significant hydration capacity.

This advanced safety vest is designed to meet the specific needs of railroad workers, ensuring they are equipped with multifunctional solutions that adapt to various environmental conditions and enhance your safety and efficiency on the job.

Qore Performance's surveyor safety vest in action

Why Choose Qore Performance for Your Railroad Safety Vest?

Qore Performance is committed to empowering railroad workers with the best safety gear available, driven by our mission to build a safer, more efficient working environment. Our railroad safety vests, including ICEVEST HiVis Class 2 Safety Vest and ICEPLATE EXO®-SLK HiVis, are the culmination of rigorous research and development. We collaborate closely with industry professionals to ensure every aspect of our vests meets the practical demands of the railroad environment. 

Our commitment to innovation is evident in each and every product we make, from the integration of ICEPLATE® Curve for superior temperature control to SwiftClip compatibility for hands-free load carrying. By choosing Qore Performance you're investing in a comprehensive safety solution that supports optimal performance and comfort. Our vision of Building A Superhuman Future® drives us to push the boundaries of what's possible in railroad safety gear, ensuring that every worker is equipped to face their day with confidence.



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