Does Qore Performance offer a trade-in program for older products?

Does Qore Performance offer a trade-in program for older products?

A question we get asked frequently is “Does Qore Performance offer a trade-in program for older products?”. There are several concerns when it comes to selling our customers used products. Chief among these concerns is your safety.

If we were to receive equipment of unknown condition there would be no way of verifying what it had been through before it came back to us without significant testing. This would negate the savings of a trade-in program altogether. Even then, things can be missed in an inspection. Parts could have been stressed or compromised to the brink of failure in ways we can’t see. 

For example, we would have no knowledge of whether or not a used IcePlate or Drink Tube came in contact with a contaminant or what it would take to sanitize it from the product. Sweat and other fluids are difficult to identify and clean from sewn goods as well.

This will not affect our sample and factory seconds sales as we never lose chain of custody on our products. They are completely functional and safe, they simply fail to meet our aesthetic standards. 

You trust us to provide you with the cutting edge of human performance equipment. You depend on it. It must work. We realize what your trust means to us. We never take it for granted. Selling you a product of unknown condition would be a gross betrayal of your trust in our minds. For that reason alone we will never sell products that were used by an end user. You will always receive new and clean products from us.


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