"La victoire vient de trouver des opportunités dans les problèmes." -Sun Tzu

Plus d'aération. Plus de confort. Points chauds éliminés.

Le rembourrage ventilé ultraléger IceVents® est doté d'un élastomère thermoplastique (TPE) exclusif Stimulite. Cette technologie en nid d'abeille absorbant les chocs favorise la circulation de l'air sous le kit tout en dispersant la charge et est approuvée par des dizaines de milliers de militaires américains et alliés, d'application de la loi, d'entrepreneurs de sécurité et de citoyens préparés.

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Comment porter les IceVents® ?


Inspired by hard-working honeybees, the honeycomb design of ICEVENTS® is a revolutionary technology that improves airflow under the kit, effectively absorbs impact, and efficiently disperses weight. You may find a similar hexagonal pattern on other types of padding, but none provide the same ventilation as our honeycomb technology.

 The foundation for our ICEVENTS® line is a Stimulite
thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), which is a lightweight, durable plastic-like substance. This material provides superior flexibility, durability, versatility, and ventilation.

Basically, this all means that ICEVENTS® will make your kit more
comfortable than ever before.


Shoulder Pads: We are confident that our plate carrier shoulder pads are the best on the market. These pads provide superior load distribution, ventilation, impact absorption, and durability. You can also use our ICEVENTS® shoulder pads on backpacks, gun belts, tool belts, our ICEVEST® HiVis Safety Vests, and more.

Body Armor: ICEVENTS® ventilation pontoons and pads
for your plate carrier or chest rig are the perfect way to improve your quality of life when out in the field. It’s no secret how hot your body armor can get, so keeping your cool, physically and mentally, gives you an edge.

Insoles: Built for military/law enforcement duty boots, occupational safety, hiking, or any application where you are standing/walking for long periods of time, these ventilated insoles are absolute magic for your feet.

Holsters: Eliminate any issues with hotspots with our line of holster pads. We have holster pads optimized for True North Concepts MHA, T.Rex Arms Glock 19 Sidecar 2.0, and Safariland UBL.

Hearing Protection: Our ventilated headband pads
seamlessly integrate with almost every brand of hearing protection. ICEVENTS® Aero and Classic hearing protection padding provides unrivaled end-user comfort.


Get the most out of your ICEVENTS® by integrating with the rest of the IceAge Ecosytem.

ICEPLATE®: The unpredictable conditions of the field require
acute focus at all times. ICEPLATE® is the pioneer in plate carrier hydration systems equipped with both cooling and heating capabilities. ICEPLATE® Curve, shaped like a Medium ESAPI water bottle, provides you with an unrivaled ability to adapt to your surroundings and control the environment.

ICEPLATE EXO®: Our assortment of plate carriers and
tactical vests, known as the ICEPLATE EXO® range, is designed to seamlessly align with ICEPLATE® and ICEVENTS®. Whether you're on active military duty, engaging in fitness training, or indulging in your favorite outdoor pursuit, pairing ICEVENTS® with any of our vests grants you superior comfort and airflow.

IMS Sleeves: Representing the pinnacle of cooling, heating, and hydration solutions for your body armor or plate carrier, IMS and IMS Pro boast universal compatibility with any plate carrier's MOLLE and/or hook or loop field. IMS Sport, ideal for outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, fishing, skiing, and more, provides an unmatched ability to acclimate to environmental conditions.


Military: Plate carriers and other protective gear often have poor airflow and are simply uncomfortable. ICEVENTS® ventilated padding promotes improved airflow and reduces hotspots caused to let military personnel focus on more important things, like the mission.

Law Enforcement: Wearing a plate carrier all day can be a real struggle without the proper padding. The last thing on an active-duty officer’s mind should be how uncomfortable their body armor, holster, or boots are. ICEVENTS® provide superior comfort and airflow to keep your body and mind
ready for anything.

Prepared Citizens: Whether your holster never sits quite right, your home-defense plate carrier gets too hot for you to wear for extended amounts of time, or your hearing protection irritates your head, ICEVENTS® is the solution for you. Since you are already prepared, why not add a superior level of comfort?

Security Contractors: As security personnel, your
mind needs to be in peak shape at all times. If your plate carrier, holster, or boots are hot and uncomfortable, you might be distracted or miss small details. ICEVENTS® keep your head in the game.


Qore Performance is steadfast in its commitment to produce
all our products within the United States, utilizing only locally sourced materials. We dedicate numerous hours both in the laboratory and on the field to rigorously test our products and materials, ensuring no room for compromise. From our unique ICEPLATE EXO® Laminate to the finest domestically produced hardware and authentic Velcro brand hook and loop (meeting military specifications), our pursuit is uncompromising in choosing entirely 'Made in the USA' materials, explicitly tailored to accomplish their designated role. ICEVENTS® line is wholly manufactured in the United States of America.