HQ2: Home of the Superhuman Future (Qore Performance Headquarters Search)

HQ2: Home of the Superhuman Future (Qore Performance Headquarters Search)

Building A Superhuman Future

We design and build novel hydration and thermoregulation technologies that weaponize temperature to increase work capacity and survivability, creating a decisive advantage for anyone working in challenging environments.  

Our thermoregulation quest started when Co-Founder & CEO Justin Li came up with the idea of combining medical science he learned at TCCC with athletic base layers during a search for an armed suspect in the Southern California desert where he served as a sworn law enforcement officer. Justin then teamed up with Co-Founder & CFO J.D. Willcox to build Qore Performance® into a tech startup whose mission reaches far beyond carrying water: building tools for American Security and American Prosperity; empowering people to realize their full potential in everything they do.

The "Qore" of the IceAge Ecosystem is the IcePlate®: a low-profile, 50 fl oz, hands-free water bottle designed for armor plate carriers, backpacks and vests that nearly eliminates the constraints of heat and cold. This unmatched, all-climate capability safeguards users with water they already carry for hydration. IcePlates can be found in military, law enforcement, occupational safety, and fitness/outdoor applications. Our IceCase, a cooling and productivity solution for Apple iPads, is used in thousands of locations across dozens of industries including drive-thru restaurants, cold chain facilities, and general aviation.

What Qore Performance can do for Your Community 


With 12 current full time employees and 23 open positions as of the writing of this article (10AUG 2022), we are a high-quality growth story in the making.  At our current growth rate, we anticipate having 50+ full time employees within five years. With your help, we hope to hit this number much sooner!

We do not have any hourly or part-time jobs. Every team member, from an entry-level Customer Experience Specialist or Manufacturing Technician all the way up to Directors and Vice Presidents are salaried and have access to the same suite of class-leading benefits. We invest heavily in our team with a long term mindset. This thinking drives our offerings:

  • 100% full time
  • 100% salaried
  • Health care benefits include a Concierge Medicine option
  • Company Technology Allowance (Apple)
  • Annual Training Allowance
  • Industry Partner Benefit Access: Apple, Oakley, FedEx, Kuhl, Lowa, etc.
  • Performance Incentives
  • High School Graduate Apprenticeship Program with Completion Bonus
  • Profit Sharing Bonus Pool


We purchase top of the line manufacturing equipment, all housed under our roof. Made in USA isn't just a tagline for us. It is a way of life. Capabilities like SLA, SLS, FDM, CNC and more allow us to do in-house tool design, in addition to manufacturing. With the right home, we'll be able to continue and expand our vertical integration efforts significantly, bringing more high-tech and entry-level manufacturing jobs to our community.

The Business Model of the Future: Halo Effect

Vertically Integrated DTC

What the heck does "Vertically Integrated DTC" even mean? It means that Qore Performance controls the entire process cycle of the business:

  • Invent
  • Design
  • Engineer
  • Manufacture 
  • Brand
  • Market
  • Sell/Distribute
  • Post Sales Support

 This also means that we sell Direct To Consumer in all three segments: B2C, B2B, and B2G. We do not use retailers or distributors domestically, but we do use distributors internationally because of Customs/Duties/VATs. 

This is the business model of the future, with inspiration coming largely from Tesla. The model will not only bring the jobs of the future, but with them will come the skills and digital branding "halo effect" that Qore Performance can have on the local community. 

Headquarters Wish List

  1. 10,000-50,000 F2 possible
  2. 16,000-20,000 F2 ideal
  3. As close to the “bread box” format as possible (see right) with multiple suites to allow us to lease out vacant space while we grow into it, letting leases expire as we need the room to grow
  4. One side of building with dock high doors
  5. Opposite side of building with grade level doors
  6. Multi-use: Office/Assembly/Warehouse and Outdoor Testing/Video Facility (can be as small as one acre, but up to 25 acres ideal, depending on economics, layout)
  7. 20-30 foot ceiling height ideal, but not required
  8. Power Requirements:
    120V Circuits 23
    240V Circuits 7
    480V Circuits 3
    Total Breakers Required 38
  9. "Hanger Glass" perimeter windows (larger the better) for abundant natural light like airplane hangers (see image below), but without compromising security. We don't need or even want an actual hanger door, rather the hanger door merely serves as an example of high glass and solid lower walls for security and natural light.
  10. Full HVAC throughout on multiple t-stats if possible
  11. Front display/meeting showroom
  12. Parking Ratio of 3:1 ideal, but we can manage as low as 2:1
  13. Drive-through capability for easy access by 18 wheelers
  14. Located as close to a major highway or interstate as possible
  15. Local culinary options: stronger the better
  16. Single-lane 400m track/running lane/path (does not have to be Olympic oval, just 400m overall length at the Testing Facility for SPORT product and content development; can be integrated into property line/perimeter or perhaps the parking lot

HQ2 Concept Layout

Airplane hanger with excellent natural light for Qore Performance Headquarters

Above: an ideal warehouse will have some walls with half-height glass for excellent natural light while preserving perimeter security like an airplane hanger.

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