The Best Plate Carriers of 2022:

The Best Plate Carriers of 2022:

The plate carrier market is crowded. How do you separate the chaff out to get to the good stuff? What are the factors you should consider? Price, materials, weight, cooling/heating, plate carrier hydration, modularity, sizing, compatibility...there are so many factors that the analysis can be debilitating. In this video, we break down some of the key factors to help you find the best plate carrier for you and your application, even if that means you don't buy our IcePlate EXO Ultralight Ventilated Plate Carrier.

Our primary concern is helping freedom-loving individuals the world over, find the tools to help them be the greatest version of help everyone in Building A Superhuman Future for themselves.

To help you in your Superhuman Future quest, we have created and amassed a large resource library of educational materials on human performance enhancement, equipment analysis, design, and engineering.

Educational Resources
The Science of Human Thermoregulation

The Methods of Heat Transfer

How to prevent Heat Injuries in Military Training

Plate Carrier Hydration and Body Armor Cooling  

Science, Design, Engineering of IcePlate 

IceAge Ecosystem
IcePlate EXO Ultralight Ventilated Plate Carrier 
IceVents Aero Ventilated Plate Carrier Shoulder Pads
IMS Combo Plate Carrier Hydration Packs

Plate Carriers from the video
rye Precision JPC 2.0
Spiritus Systems LV-119
Velocity Systems SCARAB LT
Ferro Concepts FCPC V5

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